Portraits of Blue & Grey: The Biograp...
Portraits of Blue & Grey, hosted by Christopher Moore, is a biographical Civil War podcast that examines the lives of the most prominent, interesting, and influential figures of the United States Civil War Era.
Society & Culture
Nathan Bedford Forrest, Part 3
Lt. Andrew Gould Incident; Chickamauga; Confronting Braxton Bragg; Okolona; and Ft. Pillow
78 min
Nathan Bedford Forrest, Part 2
Forrest at Shiloh, "Lightening Raids," and the Union Mule Expedition in Northern Alabama
64 min
Nathan Bedford Forrest, Part 1
Forrest's early life, business pursuits, and initiation into the Confederate military.
56 min
Wm. Tecumseh Sherman, Pt. 4
March to the Sea, Burning of Columbia, Transcontinental Railroad, Indian Wars
111 min
Wm. Tecumseh Sherman, Pt. 3
Sherman's 1862 - 64 Southern Tour: Memphis, Jackson, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, and Atlanta.
80 min
Wm. Tecumseh Sherman, Pt. 2
Sherman at Manassas, Struggles in Kentucky, and Redemption at Shiloh
58 min
Wm. Tecumseh Sherman, Part 1
Sherman's Antebellum Life
73 min
John Brown, Part 2B
The Harpers Ferry Raid and Aftermath
63 min
John Brown, Part 2A
The build-up to John Brown's Harpers Ferry raid.
58 min
John Brown: Part 1
John Brown's Puritan upbringing and professional frustrations, passion for abolitionism, and contributions to 'Bleeding Kansas'
83 min
The Cruise of the CSS Alabama: Pt. 2
The Alabama prowls the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans before a fateful showdown at the Battle of Cherbourg
70 min
The Cruise of the CSS Alabama: Pt. 1
After a secret construction by British shipbuilders, the CSS Alabama, under Capt. Raphael Semmes, wreaks havoc on Union shipping.
53 min
George Brinton McClellan, Part 3
McClellan's role at Second Manassas, demotion and reinstatement prior to Antietam, removal from command, and presidential run
101 min
George Brinton McClellan, Part 2
McClellan in West Virginia, building the Army of the Potomac as General in Chief, and on the Virginia Peninsula
87 min
George Brinton McClellan, Part 1
Academic prodigy and promising young officer McClellan attends West Point, visits the Crimean War, and finds success as a railroad executive, but duty calls with the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861.
56 min
Stonewall Jackson: Part 3
Following the success at Second Manassas, Stonewall Jackson finally gets the northern invasion for which he has been lobbying since the Civil War began.  The ...
90 min
Stonewall Jackson: Part 2
Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign, exhaustion at the Seven Days Battles, and daring victory at Second Manassas
90 min
Stonewall Jackson: Part 1
Makings of a Civil War legend.
100 min
Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant, Part 4
Post-war role, Grant presidency, final years after leaving office.
79 min
Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant, Part 3
Grant from Chattanooga to Appomattox
126 min
Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant, Part 2
In Part 2, we see Grant turn defeat into victory at Shiloh and capture the Confederate stronghold of Vicksburg, as his stock continues to rise ...
78 min
Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant, Part 1
Grant's early life, time at West Point and in Mexico, and victories at Belmont, Ft. Henry, and Ft. Donnelson.
57 min
Episode 1: Robert E. Lee, Part 4
Lee defends against Grant's Overland Campaign and resists the siege of Petersburg before being forced to surrender.
58 min
Episode 1: Robert E. Lee, Part 1
Lee's early life, antebellum military career, views on secession and slavery.
51 min
Episode 1: Robert E. Lee, Part 2
Lee takes command of Army of No. Va. Success at Seven Days' and Second Manassas. Showdown at Antietam.
55 min
Episode 1: Robert E. Lee, Part 3
Victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Reorganization of Army after Stonewall Jackson's death. Fateful trip to Gettysburg.
77 min