Life with GDPR

How does GDPR, data privacy and data protection impact your business? In this podcast, Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance hosts Data Privacy/Data Security expert Jonathan Armstrong, co-founder of Cordery Compliance. They use the framework of GDPR to discuss a wide range of issues relating to data privacy and data protection. If you are a compliance professional, business leader or InfoSec security expert this is the podcast to learn about what is happening in the UK, EU, US and beyond.

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Life With GDPR: Episode 30- British Airways GDP...
In this episode f Life with GDPR, Jonathan Armstrong and I discuss the proposed UK Data Protection Regulator fine against British Airways for its September 2018 reported data breach.
24 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 29- GDPR Year 1 Review-...
32 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 28- GDPR Year 1 Review-...
In this episode Jonathan Armstrong and myself begin a two-part podcast series where we review the first year of GDPR. In this episode we consider the numbers from Year 1.
10 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 27- BountyUK Ltd. Notic...
In this episode Cordery Compliance Partner Jonathan Armstrong and myself break down the recently released BountyUK Ltd. data privacy enforcement action.
29 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 26- The Importance of P...
Life With GDPR: Episode 26- The Importance of Passwords
18 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 25- Data Breach=Deadly ...
Life With GDPR: Episode 25- Data Breach=Deadly Consequences
16 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 24- Phishing
Life With GDPR: Episode 24- Phishing
16 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 23- Looking into the 20...
Life With GDPR: Episode 23- Looking into the 2019 Crystal Ball
27 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 22- Morrisons’ and vica...
Episode 22- Morrisons’ and vicarious liability
26 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 21- Cambridge Analytica...
Cambridge Analytica Subject Access Case
18 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 20-Google Fined €50 for...
Episode 20-Google Fined €50 for GDPR Violations
26 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 15
The Weaponization of Data Privacy/Protection Laws
14 min
Life with GDPR-Episode 14
The Jehovah's Witness Case and data privacy
26 min
Life With GDPR: Episode 13
Thoughts, Reflections and Observations at 2 Months
16 min
Life After GDPR: Episode 11
Data Transfers after GDPR
13 min
Life With GDRP-Epiosde 10
Non-Financial Remedies under GDPR
15 min
Countdown to GDPR-Episode 5
Vendors in GDPR Compliance
13 min
Countdown to GDPR-Episode 4
Data Protection Impact Assessments
11 min
Countdown to GDPR-Episode 3
Policies and Procedures
14 min
Countdown to GDPR-Episode 2
The Role of a Data Protection Officer
12 min
Countdown to GDPR-Episode 1
Introduction to GDPR
15 min