Life with GDPR

How does GDPR, data privacy and data protection impact your business? In this podcast, Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance hosts Data Privacy/Data Security expert Jonathan Armstrong, co-founder of Cordery Compliance. They use the framework of GDPR to discuss a wide range of issues relating to data privacy and data protection. If you are a compliance professional, business leader or InfoSec security expert this is the podcast to learn about what is happening in the UK, EU, US and beyond.

Tech News
Changes to Cyber-Breach Insurance
In this special episode, we are joined by Matt Kelly and Jonathan Marks to consider the changes in cyber-breach insurance coverage.
23 min
Update on Cookie Banners
In this episode we look at the NOYB campaign against cookie banners.
19 min
Boris Johnson Announces Resignation
Tom and Jonathan return to look at the BoJo resignation and what it might mean for the compliance professional.
19 min
GDPR Draft Guidance on Fines Calculation
In this episode, we review the recently released the EDPB recently issued draft guidance on calculating GDPR fines.
22 min
FRC Report on Compliance with the UK Modern Sla...
In this episode, we review the recently report on a sample of a hundred major companies’ modern slavery statements and their strategic and governance reports.
19 min
Clearview AI Fine by the ICO
In this episode, Tom and Jonathan take a look int the Clearview AI Fine by the ICO in the UK.
18 min
André Paris on the Brazilian GDPR
In this episode, we are joined by our colleague Andre Paris, author of the book "Ethics and Transparency - A Path to Compliance".
23 min
Data Transfers from EU/UK to US
In this episode, Tom ad Jonathan take up the new proposed regulations for data transfers from EU & UK to the US.
22 min
Clearview AI Redux
In this episode of Life with GDPR, Tom and Jonathan look at the recent Italian Data Protection Authority fine against Clearview AI €20m for GDPR violations.
15 min
Tuckers Enforcement Action
In this episode, Tom and Jonathan take a look into the Tuckers GDPR enforcement action.
18 min
Privacy Shield 3
Tom Fox and Jonathan Armstrong discuss the new data transfer agreement, Privacy Shield 3.
14 min
The Case of the Rogue Employee
In this episode, Tom and Jonathan look at the actions of a rogue employee under GDPR.
14 min
The Case of the Smart TV
In this episode, Tom and Jonathan take up the GDPR case of the Smart TV.
15 min
GDPR-10 Years After Original Proposal
Tom and Jonathan are back celebrate to the 10-year anniversary of the initial proposal of the law which became GDPR.
22 min
Class Action Update
Tom Fox and Jonathan Armstrong return to take a look at new developments in class action lawsuits involving data breaches.
25 min
Update on Blackbaud
Tom and Jonathan are back to take a fresh look at the Blackbaud data breach enforcement action.
19 min
Potpourri Edition
Tom and Jonathan look at a potpourri of issues coming out of the new DOJ focus on FCPA enforcement.
14 min
EU Whistleblower Directive-Part 2
Andre Bywater joins Tom for Part 2 on the EU Whistleblower Directive.
27 min
EU Whistleblower Directive-Part 1
Cordery Compliance co-founder Andre Bywater joins Tom Fox for Part 1 on the new EU Whistleblower Directive.
32 min
EU Whistleblower Update
Tom and Jonathan consider a recent decision from Luxembourg and the upcoming EU Whistleblower Directive
16 min
Jonathan’s Favorite Enforcement Action
Tom and Jonathan explore AI and data privacy.
16 min
To Pay or Not to Pay
In this episode, we take up the issue of whether to pay or not to pay in the event of a ransomware attack.
17 min
Due Diligence in M&A for Data Protection
What are the DD considerations for data protection in M&A?
25 min
Happy Birthday GDPR, Part 2
Jonathan and Tom return to review key themes in the first 3 years of GDPR
27 min
Happy Birthday GDPR, Part 1
In this episode, Tom Jonathan look back at 3 years of GDPR. In this Part 1, GDPR militancy and enforcement.
28 min