Compliance and Coronavirus

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has altered the business and social landscape across the globe. But what does it mean for the compliance professional? This podcast series will explore all things coronavirus related and bring the most up-to-date information to you on how to continue the doing of compliance throughout this international health crisis.

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Mary Ann Faremouth and Being Economically Dislo...
In this episode, I am joined by Mary Ann Faremouth, founder and CEO of Faremouth and Company. Mary Ann is a long-time recruiter for executives and professionals in the energy industry.
15 min
Melissa Koch on Platformizing Compliance During...
In this episode, I am joined by Melissa Koch, co-founder and CEO of InFront Compliance. We visit about the use of platforms to facilitate cybersecurity compliance during new normal of Covid-19 and going forward.
12 min
Julie Myers Wood on Privacy Laws and Data Trans...
In this episode, I am joined by Julie Myers Wood, CEO of Guidepost Solutions. We visit about privacy laws as they impact the transfer of data in the new normal of Covid-19.
16 min
Covid-19 Attestation in Massachusetts
In this episode, I am joined by Matt Kelly to conisder the attestation required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for businesses eligible to reopen in response to Covid-19.
23 min
Matthew Whitteker on Supply Chain Impact
What will be the impact of Coronavirus on supply chains? Join me in this episode of Compliance and Coronavirus as Matthew Whitteker explains the impact on supply chains going forward.
18 min
John Shegerian on Data as the New Oil
How is data the new oil? What does that mean for both businesses and compliance professionals going forward? Find out as John Shegerian, President of ERI joins this episode to discuss.
15 min
Jim Belin and John Petrovski on Reopening the E...
In this episode of Compliance and Coronavirus, visit with Jim Belin and John Petrovski on what the reopening of the economy may look like over the next 12 months.
28 min
Andrew Rawson on Employment Issues from Coronav...
In this episode of Compliance and Coronavirus, I am joined by Andrew Rawson, co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Traliant to explore employment issues during the coronavirus health crisis and those which are emerging as states being reopening throughout the country.
15 min
Megan Dougherty on Why You Should be Pod-Curiou...
Are you Pod-curious? On this episode of Compliance and Coronavirus Megan Dougherty explains why you should be
14 min
Alyson Van Hooser the quarantine effects of COV...
I take things a different direction today, as I post a cross-podcast by Alyson Van Hooser. She is a thought leader around Millennials and Gen Z. She discusses the quarantine effects of COVID 19 on Gen Z.
22 min
Fry Wernick on Communications Risks After Covid-19
With the explosion in online communications tools, what will be the responsibility of the compliance function to meet DOJ mandates regarding not only ephemeral communications but documentation going forward? Fry Wernick and Tom Fox explore in this episode.
19 min
Ben Wolf on the New Normal of Doing Business
How will you conduct business in the new normal after Coronavirus? What questions is your organization asking or are you asking yourself? I explore this topic with Ben Wolf in this episode.
18 min
James Gellert on the Financial Health of Your T...
What is the financial health of your third parties? Why is this information so critical in the time of Coronavirus? Find out as I visit with James Gellert, CEO of Rapid Ratings.
18 min
Brenda Ferraro on Jump Starting You 3rd Party R...
In this time of Coronavirus and economic dislocation, pressure will only increase on third-party risk management. In this episode I am joined by Brenda Ferraro discuss why efficient and effective third party risk management is even more critical.
12 min
Mari Ryan on Thriving Employees
Why is employee mental wellness even more critical during the time of Coronavirus? Mari Ryan joins me to explain how to keep your employees thriving during this time of economic dislocation.
13 min
Jeffrey Hayzlett on Five Strategies
In this episode, I am joined by Jeffrey Hayzlett. He joins me to talk about five key strategies your company should employ during this time of the Coronavirus health crisis.
12 min
Sundar Narayanan on Empathy in a CCO During Cor...
In this episode, I am joined by Sundar Narayanan, Director at Nexdigm. We explore a recent blog post by Narayanan on the FCPA Blog, Compliance officers can be pillars of empathy during the outbreak.
18 min
Fizza Khan on Financial Institution and Financi...
Fizza Khan joins Compliance and Coronavirus as we consider issues relating to financial institutions and the financial services industry during the time of the coronavirus health crisis.
18 min
Gordon Firemark on Force Majeure
How does the force majeure clause come into effect during the coronavirus health crisis? Find out on this episode of Compliance and Coronavirus with guest Gordon Firemark.
14 min
Tricia Cornell on Effective Compliance Training...
In this episode, I am joined by Tricia Cornell, to discuss how a compliance professional must readjust their time horizons in the time of the coronavirus health crisis and reconsider what will be effective training going forward.
19 min
Ryan Wilkins on Corporate Governance During Cor...
In this episode, I am joined by Ryan Wilkins, shareholder at the law firm of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth. We discuss some of the corporate governance issues raised by the coronavirus health crisis, specifically around public company filings.
21 min
Abikoff and Huneke on corruption enforcement du...
Corruption enforcement will not wane during the coronavirus health crisis and neither should compliance.
22 min
Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine on their professiona...
Today, we have a cross-posting from the Great Women in Compliance podcast, where Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine discuss some of their personal and professional challenges during the time of Coronavirus.
43 min
Mike Cherkasky on Testing Your Mettle During Co...
How will the coronavirus crisis test the mettle of your organization? In this episode of Compliance and Coronavirus, Exiger's Mike Cherkasky joins me to explain how it will and some responses.
15 min
Eric Feldman on Culture Assessment During Coron...
Why is assessing your culture even more important during the coronavirus crisis? Eric Feldman joins me today to explain.
19 min
Peter Eyre on Navigating the Waters During COVI...
In this podcast, I am joined by Peter Eyre, to discuss the Coronavirus health crisis will impact employee relations, the interplay of federal, state, county and city orders during this time and how you can navigate these often choppy waters.
18 min
Jonathan Armstrong on Data Privacy During Coron...
In this episode, I am joined by Jonathan Armstrong. We discuss the steps your organization can take now to reduce potential GDPR exposure during the Coronavirus health crisis.
8 min
Vin DiCianni on Monitors Under Coronavirus Stim...
In this episode, I am joined by Vin DiCianni, founder and CEO of Affiliated Monitors. We discuss the need for proactive monitorships under the stimulus package and why compliance is even more important during this health crisis.
15 min
Jared Connors on Supply Chain During Coronavirus
In this episode, I am joined by Jared Connor, Subject Matter Expert on CSR for Assent Compliance. We discuss how expectations of Supply Chain compliance will continue during this health crisis.
17 min
Matt Kelly on the Downslope Risk of the Corona...
In this episode of Compliance and Coronavirus, I am joined by Matt Kelly, the coolest guy in compliance to look at some of the downslope risk of the coronavirus health crisis.
13 min
Joanne Taylor on Financial Crimes Compliance Du...
In this episode, I speak with Joanne Taylor, Managing Director at K2 Intelligence FIN on how and why companies must keep their financial services compliance robust during this time of the coronavirus health crisis.
14 min
Sean Freidlin on Successfully Working from Home
In this inaugural episode of Compliance and Coronavirus, I am joined by Sean Freidlin who provides his tips for successfully working from home.
20 min