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Digging Deeper Ep. 10: Misguided or Misconduct?...
Why do good people do bad things? Why would someone put an otherwise stellar reputation on the line for a few moments of gain? Bob Brenner dives in to decode this behavior with Richard Girgenti, a leading authority on ethics and risk and a trusted advi...
33 min
Digging Deeper Episode 9: From Hurricane Sandy ...
When natural disasters or crises hit, governments deploy resources rapidly to try remediating current or to mitigate future damage. But who watches where the money goes? Tejah Duckworth spent the early part of her career in the public sector,
26 min
Digging Deeper Episode 8: Investigating Corrupt...
Lazaro Baez was recently sentenced to 12 years in jail for money laundering in Argentina, charges that connected him to political powers still at large in the country. This international case revealed deeply rooted corruption and strong headwinds aga...
32 min
Digging Deeper Episode 7: Investigating Fraud a...
Fraud and corruption can permeate any industry – and as Darren Matthews saw early in his career as a grocery clerk all the way to K2 Integrity’s regional head of EMEA, it can take varying forms. In Episode 7 of Digging Deeper,
32 min
Digging Deeper Episode 6: One-on-One with Jules...
Jules Kroll is widely credited as the founder of the modern corporate investigations industry, and this episode goes behind the scenes of Jules’ career. What are some of the cases that stick out in his mind over the course of his career?
37 min
Digging Deeper Episode 5: Varsity Blues
The headlines from Operation Varsity Blues dominated the news cycle for months – but what happened in higher education after the news trucks left campus? Chris Morgan Jones speaks with David Holley about an investigation the K2 Integrity team conducted...
27 min
Digging Deeper Episode 4: Public Sector Lessons...
What changes when an investigator leaves the public sector and joins the private sector? For Brian Cairl, senior managing director and director of investigations of the Americas, his toolkit from his time in law enforcement helped the transition – incl...
31 min
Digging Deeper Episode 3: When Personal Lives F...
What happens when an investigator stumbles upon a personal detail that leads to professional misdeeds? In Episode 3 of Digging Deeper, Chris Morgan Jones interviews Lisa Silverman about cases where the personal interfered with the professional.
30 min
Digging Deeper Episode 2: Tales Of Corporate Sc...
When it comes to scams and frauds, it's not just individuals at risk, but also companies. In Episode 2 of Digging Deeper, Chris Morgan Jones interviews Jordan Arnold about corporate scams, and even talks about cracking the case of a stolen Dali.
27 min
Digging Deeper Episode 1: The Con Queen of Holl...
Who is behind the Con Queen of Hollywood scam? K2 Integrity's Chris Morgan Jones interviews lead investigator on the case, Nicoletta Kotsianas, about the high-profile scam, K2 Integrity's investigation, and where the case is headed.
31 min