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The FCPA Compliance Report is the longest running podcast in the in compliance and business ethics. Join its award-winning host, Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance as he visits with top compliance practitioners, key figures from business, the government and law firms in the top podcast dedicated to all things compliance.

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News Commentary
John Warren on 2022 ACFE Report to the Nations
John Warren returns to the podcast to discuss the ACFE 2022 Report to the Nations.
33 min
Claire Worledge on Data Analytic Secrets
Tom visits with Claire Worledge on the use of data analytics in internal audit and the value of data visualization.
37 min
Dave Lefort on Compliance Week 2022
Why should you attend Compliance Week 2022? Tom Fox and Dave Lefort detail this upcoming compliance conference.
27 min
Mike Volkov on DOJ Trial Record
Tom welcome Mike Volkov. They discuss the DOJ trial record in FCPA cases as well as other white collar trials and antitrust trials.
33 min
Gordon Graham - A Whistleblower’s Story
In this episode of the FCPA Compliance Report I visit with Gordon Graham. Gordon is a successful whistleblower who told his tale in the book The Intrepid Brotherhood.
38 min
Matt Galvin and Dan Kahn, Part 2-Reflections on...
In this concluding Part 2 with Matt Galvin and Dan Kahn, we take a deep dive into the Monaco Speech and its impact on compliance programs.
24 min
Matt Galvin and Dan Kahn-Part 1, Disclosing to ...
In this Part 1 of a 2-part series we explore dealing with the DOJ during a FCPA investigation from self-disclosure to post resolution.
25 min
Stewart Bishop, Covering the Roger Ng Trial
In this episode, Tom visits with Stewart Bishop about his coverage of the Roger Ng trial for Law360.
22 min
Susan Divers on the LRN Ethics & Compliance Pro...
Susan Diver, Director of Thought Leadership at LRN joins me to discuss recently released LRN Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report.
30 min
Michael Beber on the Current State of SPACs
Tom visits with Exiger Board Chair Micheal Beber on the current state of SPACs.
24 min
Erica Salmon Byrne on 2022 World's Most Ethical...
In this episode, I am joined by Erica Salmon Byrne, President of Ethisphere to discuss the announcement of Ethisphere’s 2022 World Most Ethical Companies.
25 min
Karen Woody on Elon Musk Attack on SEC Consent ...
Karen Woody joins Tom to look at Elon Musk's attempt to terminate his 2018 Consent Decree.
24 min
Mikhail Reider-Gordon on Conflicts of Interest
In this episode I am joined by Mikhail Reider-Gordon, MD at Affiliated Monitors to look at recent, high-profile issues around Conflicts of Interest.
34 min
Matt Silverman on Preparing for Potential Sanct...
In Part 2 of this special series on trade sanction and Russia, Tom and Matt Silverman look at preparing for the potential trade sanctions they discussed in Part 1 of this series.
29 min
Matt Silverman on Potential Sanctions Against R...
Matt Silverman returns for a special 2-part episode on potential sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine.
22 min
James Koukios on the MoFo November Int’l Anti-C...
James Koukios returns to discuss the MoFo Monthly Top 10 International Anti-Corruption Developments for November 2021
25 min
James Koukios on the Monaco Speech
Tom and fan fav James Koukios take a deep dive into DAG Lisa Monaco's October speech.
34 min
Mike DeBernardis on Compliance Developments fro...
I am joined by fan fav Mike DeBernardis for a look at Q4 compliance developments.
34 min
Andrew Neblett and Brian Beeghly Join Ethisphere
Tom is joined by Andrew Neblett and Brian Beeghly who recently sold Informed360 to Ethisphere and joined the team.
28 min
Gordon Firemark on Legal Developments in Podcas...
Gordon Firemark returns to to update us about legal developments in the world of podcasting, how the podcast market has developed and what is new at Firemark Law.
22 min
Mike Volkov on FCPA Enforcement and Compliance ...
Tom is joined by Mike Volkov to review FCPA Enforcement and Compliance from 2021 and look down the road into 2022.
18 min
Karen Woody on JPMorgan and Nikola SEC Enforcem...
Tom is joined by Karen Woody to look at the SEC enforcement actions involving JPMorgan and Nikola.
22 min
John Katsos - Due Diligence in Conflict Zones
In this episode I visit with Professor John Katsos who has done research on and due diligence in conflict zones.
38 min
Brandon Daniels-Ongoing v. Point in Time Due Di...
Brandon Daniels joins me to look at Theranos lessons on due diligence.
27 min
Kyle Brasseur, Editor in Chief at Compliance Week
Tom chats with Kyle Brasseur, new Editor in Chief at Compliance Week.
33 min