HR Punchlist

Arcoro talks with ForConstructionPros and special guests in this HR Punchlist podcast mini-series to inform the construction industry about HR issues. Listen in to learn how contractors can choose and use the right tools for success. 

Getting ROI from Construction HR Software
Experts from Arcoro and ABC reveal there is more to realizing value on HR or HCM for construction than adequate functionality.
31 min
The AGC Construction HR Summit
What are the leading construction HR software vendor and the leading construction association doing to make hiring and retention easier?
21 min
Time Tracking Trends in Construction HR
24 min
Turning Construction HR into a Strategic Discip...
Even advanced HCM for construction cannot fix a culture that does not value human resources … here are tips to get HR a seat at the management table
24 min
Getting Ready for the Busy Season with Construc...
What kind of software tools are available to ensure human resources are ready to meet construction project demand—Technology Editor Charles Rathmann gets the inside scoop from three experts
25 min
Construction HR: The Diverse Workforce
How do we hire and retain millennials, women and minorities in construction?
27 min