Taking care
The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency hosts conversations and interviews with people in our community. We discuss current issues, address myths and common questions, and think about what we can do to best protect the public and support the safe delivery of health care in Australia.
Health & Fitness
Innovations in rural and remote healthcare
What’s great about our rural and remote healthcare services and the people who work in them? A lot, and the conversation is just getting started with our two guests Faye McMillan, Deputy National Rural Health Commissioner and Richard Colbran, CEO NSW Rural Doctors Network.
32 min
The inextricable link between climate change an...
The link between our health and access to safe healthcare and the impacts of climate change are undisputable. But what is the path forward?
35 min
Physiotherapy and person-centred care
Celebrating World Physiotherapy Day and the broad range of work they do to help patients get moving – and keep moving
23 min
The unique world of rural and remote healthcare
How far will some patients travel to access safe healthcare? And what is unique about the patient and practitioner experience in rural and remote Australia?
32 min
When cost is a barrier to good healthcare
Inflation is rising and consumers are being hit with cost-of-living increases. What does this mean for access to healthcare?
29 min
Safe and adequate healthcare for people experie...
Host Tash Miles talks to two GPs, Dr Ed Poliness and Dr Andrew Davies, about the important work being done in this space
22 min
Practitioners providing safe healthcare for our...
In this episode, we hear two stories of people in LGBTIQA+ communities and their experiences with healthcare. Host Tash Miles talks with clinical neuropsychologist, Board member Victorian Pride Centre, and Commissioner at the Victorian Multicultural Commission Dr Judy Tang and clinical psychologist and Senior Research Fellow Dr Lee Cubis.
26 min
Safe and person-centred healthcare for refugee ...
What does respectful, accessible, person-centred healthcare look like for communities who come from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds? In this episode, host George Hyde speaks with infectious diseases specialist Dr Nadia Chaves, counsellor Tigist Kebede, and lawyer Sahema Saberi.
35 min
Openness and candour – a road to greater patien...
In this episode we look at the benefits of greater openness and candour between health practitioners, their patients and patients’ families – especially when things go wrong.
38 min
Two voices from LGBTIQA+ communities
In this episode, we hear two stories of people in LGBTIQA+ communities and their experiences with healthcare. Host Tash Miles talks with Jasper Peach a writer, editor, speaker, health promoter, and Toby Halligan, a comedian, writer, broadcaster.
28 min
Patient safety and cosmetic surgery
Today we’re talking about cosmetic surgery, an industry that is rapidly changing and has had some explosive media coverage in recent times – especially through new and increased uses of social media. It’s a timely discussion of what changes are needed to improve patient safety.
45 min
Health practitioners’ role in eliminating famil...
Family violence is a reality that many people face every day. Host Susan Biggar begins this episode with the first-hand story of a survivor, Emma*, on her pathway out of family violence and her varied experiences with health practitioners on the journey. After telling some of her story, Emma is joined by Professor Kelsey Hegarty, an academic GP who holds the joint Chair in Family Violence Prevention at the University of Melbourne and the Royal Women’s Hospital and Dr Anne Tonkin, Chair of the Medical Board of Australia.
43 min
Honest error and system failure – challenges fo...
When it comes to healthcare, what is safe culture? If safe culture exists, then what does unsafe culture look like, and what does this mean for patients and their families? In this episode, Susan Biggar speaks with Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Executive and Registrar of the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the UK, Martin Fletcher, CEO of Ahpra and Adjunct Professor Debora Picone, CEO of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare.
34 min
Being a patient during a pandemic
When we talk about healthcare, the most important part is the patients. Today’s episode is about what it has been like to be a patient during a pandemic. Tash Miles speaks to Krystal, Aidan and Tess about about the changes they’ve seen – what’s been hard, what’s been better and how they have maintained connection with their practitioners through the pandemic.
34 min
Let’s talk about a safe culture in healthcare
Susan Biggar speaks with Dr Rod Hunt, neonatologist and scientist at Monash Health, Professor Suzette Woodward, Visiting Professor in Patient Safety at Imperial College, London and Michael Greco, CEO of Care Opinion Australia. Susan asks our guests, when it comes to healthcare, what is safe culture?
33 min
Being a health practitioner during a pandemic -...
Join Tash Miles as she talks with Dr Gavin Wayne, paediatric basic trainee, and Ralph Teodoro, registered nurse, about the experiences of being a health practitioner during the pandemic, personally and professionally. They share what they’ve learned, what they’ve cherished, and the strange turns their lives are taking.
20 min
Being a health practitioner during a pandemic -...
In this episode, host Tash Miles talks to two doctors about some of their experiences over the past two years. From NSW, Dr Charles Jenkinson, cardiothorasic surgeon final year trainee and Chair of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Trainees' Association and from Victoria, Dr Sophie Thorn, junior doctor working in an emergency department.
26 min
Making room to improve
What does improvement in healthcare look like? It’s critically important for our health system because sustained improvement that tracks with the science and evidence will mean improved patient safety. Dr Michael Tresillian is general physician and Program Director for the Healthcare Improvement Fellowship. Sari Holland is a midwife and unit manager at Townsville Hospital and Health Service. She was a 2020 Fellow of the program. Shailendra Maharaj, is a physiotherapist at Queensland Children’s Hospital and a current Fellow.
32 min
Long COVID and the role of physiotherapy
What is long COVID? What are some of the effects, who is most at risk and what can be done to help those who suffer from it? Host George Hyde is joined by Scott Willis, National President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, A/Prof Dale Edgar, who is leading the longitudinal study on the effects of COVID termed LATER-19 and Dr Paula Harding, a musculoskeletal physiotherapist at the Alfred Hospital prior to COVID-19, who in 2021 was appointed as the Allied Health Workforce Manager for the COVID-19 response.
27 min
Choice and person-centred dying
This episode is about VAD, or voluntary assisted dying, and the realities of legalising VAD for doctors, patients and our broader communities. Host Tash Miles speaks with television and podcast presenter and founder of Go Gentle Australia, Andrew Denton, oncologist Dr Cameron McLaren and regional Victorian GP Dr Nola Maxfield.
45 min
The law and patient choice at the end-of-life
The law in Australia has changed in several states in the past two years regarding voluntary assisted dying (VAD) and possible legislative changes are being considered in others. Susan Biggar is joined by two doctors with extensive experience and interest in the law and its application in the context of VAD: intensive care specialist and Deputy Chair of the VAD Review Board in Victoria, Dr Charlie Corke, and medical practitioner and Chair of the VAD Board in Western Australia, Dr Scott Blackwell.
30 min
The student view of rural healthcare
Tash Miles hits the open road to hear the student perspective on healthcare in rural and remote communities. We meet podiatry student Hayley Johns, medical student Harry Gaffney and medical student and pharmacist Debra Lee. We hear about the unique opportunities presented when living and working in outside of metropolitan centres.
27 min
Meeting women in surgery - Part 2
In this episode, host Susan Biggar talks with two women in surgery, vascular surgeon, Dr Pecky De Silva, and breast, endocrine and general surgeon, Dr Christine Lai. Pecky and Christine share their training paths and some of the barriers and assumptions they’ve encountered as they have progressed through their careers. They talk about the support they received within the profession and how having greater female representation amongst surgeons is important for patient safety and better outcomes.
25 min
Meeting women in surgery - Part 1
In this episode, host Susan Biggar talks with two women in surgery, Dr Victoria Atkinson, cardiac surgeon and Chief Medical Officer of Healthscope and Dr Vera Sallen, orthopaedic surgeon. Victoria and Vera tell us their stories of becoming surgeons, successes they see around them as well as frustrations they still feel. They tell us about the feeling when they look around the theatre and they are surrounded by women, what it felt like to progress through their careers as female surgeons and the pros and cons of quotas in their workplace.
33 min
Health practitioners in the C-Suite
In this episode we are talking about leadership: what it’s like to be a leader and a health practitioner, what the journey to leadership might look like and how to best lead other practitioners. Professor Catherine Stoddart and Jeff Moffett reflect on how training as a health practitioner has equipped them to be better leaders, the similarities and the differences between clinical care and being the leader of a large health system.
31 min
Maggie Toko on mental health and the power of l...
In this episode of Taking care, host Susan Biggar speaks to an impressive leader and advocate for those living with mental health issues, Maggie Toko. Maggie has led VMIAC, Victoria’s peak organisation for people with a lived experience of mental health problems or emotional distress for nearly two decades.
20 min
Thinking about the future of aged care
Host Tash Miles talks with Dr Linda Mellors, CEO and Managing Director, Regis Aged Care, Dr Joseph Ibrahim, Geriatrician, Monash University and Allyson Warrington, CEO Community Based Support and community member of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. They discuss topics including what aged care looks like now, how it is changing and what should we be hoping for.
42 min
The kindness movement in healthcare and health ...
Today, we hear from Dr Anna van der Gaag, visiting Professor in Ethics and Regulation and member of the International Ethics Observatory team at University of Surrey UK and former Chair of the Health and Care Professions Council and Emeritus Professor Valerie Braithwaite, School of Regulation and Global Governance, Australian National University. Our guests join host Susan Biggar to discuss kindness across the healthcare spectrum, from regulatory strategies and leadership techniques to compassion in workplaces. Reflecting on the movement in healthcare in recent years towards an emphasis on kindness in the workplace for health practitioners, in this episode we take a look upstream to what is the role of kindness in how our health professions are regulated, and what that means for our communities.
46 min
Opening the door to accessible healthcare
What does safe and accessible healthcare look like? In this episode, Tash Miles welcomes Hamza Vayani, Board Director of the World Wellness Group and member of Ahpra’s Community Reference Group, and Darlene Cox, Executive Director of Health Care Consumers’ Association Incorporated. They explore what access could look like for all communities, and some of the barriers for people achieving it.
30 min
Dr Gerald Hickson on the pursuit of professiona...
Today, we hear from Dr Gerald Hickson, the founder of the Vanderbilt Centre for Patient and Professional Advocacy. Jerry talks with host Tash Miles about professionalism in the healthcare context. Professionalism is key to keeping patients and practitioners safe and effective, and a crisis magnifies this need to pursue professionalism. Hear Jerry’s insights on how health practitioners and leaders prepare for a crisis, how practice has changed in this current crisis, and how this keeps their patients safe.
27 min
Brett Sutton and Jeannette Young in the spotlight
A conversation with Adjunct Clinical Professor Brett Sutton, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, and Dr Jeannette Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer the challenges they’ve faced during the pandemic, what has been rewarding and their unexpected celebrity status.
41 min
How a pandemic affects eye health
29 min
Diversity in the Australian health workforce
32 min
Through the eyes of a remote GP
28 min
Bonus episode: Un-learning and re-learning the ...
27 min
Continuing the telehealth conversation
30 min
Dental practice in a pandemic
29 min
When protecting the public is your focus
27 min
Responsible advertising by regulated health ser...
30 min
Mental health of nurses, midwives and the peopl...
32 min
Collaboration across professions: Aboriginal an...
30 min
Sexual misconduct in the health professions
30 min
How the pandemic is changing mental healthcare
32 min
Advocating for kids
23 min
A look into medical training in Australia
20 min
How is COVID-19 changing the experience of heal...
23 min
Let’s meet the decision makers
24 min
A glimpse of healthcare in our rural and remote...
28 min
Balancing purpose and process
16 min
Professor Valerie Braithwaite on the importance...
16 min
Health practitioner wellbeing in the pandemic e...
22 min
Telehealth in the pandemic era
24 min
Introducing the COVID-19 pandemic sub-register
23 min
Dr Gerald Hickson on patient safety and high-ri...
23 min
Eliminating racism from the health system is a ...
28 min
A new look at mandatory notifications
22 min
Ahpra's role in the health system
28 min
A view of mental health from both sides
32 min
The practitioner experience of a notification
14 min
Safe, competent and ethical health practitioners
31 min
Vexatious notifications
37 min