9 Days in July

Nine Days in July is a new podcast documentary series that explores each of the nine days of the Apollo 11 Mission, day by day, in nine 60-minute-long episodes. While telling the story of the mission to the moon as it occurs, we also spin back, and spin out, into stories about Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins, NASA, the Space Race, and the history of the world-at-large during those 9 Days in July.

July 24, 1969 / Red Planet or Bust!
Why, after forever changing the course of human history, did we stop going to the Moon?
53 min
July 23, 1969 / The Dark Side of the Moon
For one crew-member, in particular, walking on the Moon very nearly destroyed him.
48 min
July 22, 1969 / The Eagle and The Bear
As Apollo 11 races back home, we give you a front row seat to an epic showdown between the United States and the Soviet Union.
47 min
July 21, 1969 / Lunatics
The Lunar Module is crippled, and its ability to get off the Moon is in doubt.
43 min
July 20, 1969 / “The Eagle Has Landed!”
Today is the day humans attempt to change history by stepping foot on another world.
48 min
July 19, 1969 / “Happy, Proud, and Thrilled”
Apollo 11 undertakes a series of intricate maneuvers to get into orbit around the Moon.
40 min
July 18, 1969 / “Hungry Kids Can’t Eat Moon Rocks”
We look at how America built Apollo, and why, believe it or not, most Americans did not want us to go to the Moon.
47 min
July 17, 1969 / The Dream Team
We jump back in time to learn who Neil, Buzz, and Michael are.
43 min
July 16, 1969 / “We Have Liftoff!”
Take a ride with us on the tallest, heaviest, and most powerful rocket ever created—the Saturn V.
43 min
Welcome to 9 Days in July
Episode 1 available now.
2 min
Introducing 9 Days in July
Episode One premieres December 12th, with new episodes every Thursday through February 6th.
1 min