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Inside A Podcast Producer's Brain
Veralyn's top three favorite episodes to produce this year.
4 min
“Trump could react very badly"
Veralyn Williams has the rundown: Suicide bombing in Kabul, Erica Garner fights for her life, UK government micromanages Prince Harry's wedding guest list.
3 min
The Tax Bill Is Here
Veralyn Williams has the rundown: Republican Tax Bill is actually law, end of year lists, and the 284 billion electricity bill.
4 min
Trump Free Zone
Veralyn Williams has the rundown: Why Ta-Nehisi Coates quit twitter, remembering a podcast pioneer, and the man with the golden voice.
3 min
‘The Universal Law School of the Airwaves’
Josh Voorhees has the rundown: an update to the Virginia House race that is now tied; a shameless display of ego-stroking by Mike Pence; and Trump’s ongoing efforts to stack the bench with (unqualified) loyalists.
5 min
From the Discotheque to the Yacht
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Virginia proves every vote really does count, Republicans try find a way to sell their law to an angry public, and a little-known Koch heir becomes an outlet for liberal rage.
4 min
Robot Trump and GOP-on-GOP Drama
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: he’s got the latest on the #CorkerKickback, the backstory of last week’s Republican-on-Republican confirmation humiliation, and he takes you to Disney World to meet a kinder, gentler Donald Trump.
4 min
Delusions of Exoneration
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: a new CNN report suggests Donald Trump is confused about the FBI investigation; a former Fox News host speaks out; and Twitter cracks down on hate speech.
4 min
Youthquakes, Broflakes, and a Confirmation Hear...
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Marco Rubio gets want he wants, a Trump nominee gets humiliated, and Oxford Dictionaries gets creative—maybe a little too creative.
4 min
What's the Russian Word for Fragile Ego?
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Blake Farenthold’s long goodbye, Trump’s fragile ego, and Joe Biden Joe Bidens on The View.
4 min
Teach Me How to Dougie
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Omarosa’s out at the White House; Newtown looks back five years later; and Doug Jones nails his exit at his victory rally.
4 min
A Presidential Tantrum, a Grieving Father, and ...
Josh Voorhees explains Trump’s morning tirade against Kirsten Gillibrand, shares an emotional interview in Alabama, and tells you about an unidentified object that is currently in the midst of an interstellar drive-by of our solar system.
4 min
Cat Persons, Presidents, and Polls
Josh Voorhees tries out a new format today: He has the latest on sexual misconduct accusation against Donald Trump, tells you about some wildly different Senate polls in Alabama, and points you to a new short story that has the Internet talking.
3 min
Yearbook Memories
Josh Voorhees with the latest on Roy Moore and his accuser’s yearbook, and on Rep. Trent Franks and his curious story of surrogacy in the workplace.
4 min
Franken’s Parting Shots
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: a defiant Sen. Franken takes a few parting shots as he heads for the exits; speculation about Franken’s replacement begins in earnest; and the House passes an NRA dream bill.
3 min
Senate Republicans Made a $289 Billion Mistake
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: Is Al Franken on the way out? Did Senate Republicans make a fatal error in writing their tax bill? And how does Roy Moore fit into all this?
4 min
Mike Pence’s Woulda, Coulda Campaign Coup
Josh Voorhees has the rundown: A Roy Moore surrogate offers up one of the worst talking points you’ll ever hear; a new Atlantic article details a near campaign coup by Mike Pence; and a hungry teen had the most retweeted Twitter post of 2017.
3 min
‘Booze or Women or Movies’
Josh Voorhees has today’s rundown: Trump drops the pretense, Chuck Grassley delivers a doozy of quote in defense of the GOP tax bill, and an Aussie lawmaker makes an historic marriage proposal.
4 min
A Rough Draw
Josh Voorhees explains what you need to know about Michael Flynn’s plea deal, previews the coming government shutdown fight, and helps you pick your new favorite World Cup soccer team.
5 min
McCain Won’t Save the Dems This Time
Josh Voorhees with the rundown: John McCain signs off on the GOP tax bill, Roy Moore rebounds in Alabama, and Rex Tillerson may be on the way out.
4 min
Trigger Warning
Josh Voorhees has the rundown: Matt Lauer’s out at NBC, Republicans consider adding a “trigger” to their tax bill, Trump is retweeting British extremists, and the quiet return of Birtherism.
4 min
Chuck + Nancy – Donald
Josh Voorhees has the rundown: Democratic leaders bail on a White House meeting; Jeff Sessions’ changing Russia story becomes a plot point in a police shooting; and one state dusts off an emergency plan from the Cold War.
4 min
Rewriting (Recent) History
Josh Voorhees previews a busy week in Congress, and tells you about the president’s latest attempt to rewrite (very!) recent history.
3 min
We Picked Him for His Moxie
Mary Wilson with the rundown: A third U.S. troop surge for Afghanistan, a stern rebuke for Tennessee's "sterilization for freedom" judge, and a new guy to run the NYC subways.
2 min
Facebook's Ad Fail
Mary Wilson has today's rundown: Facebook says a "technical failure" kept racist ads from triggering further scrutiny. Democrats in Congress call for an investigation into Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Conyers' reported history of foul and fowl play.
2 min
Erasing Franken
Evangelical leaders aren't turning on Roy Moore in Alabama. PBS has edited Al Franken out of tonight's Mark Twain Prize broadcast. Paul Hollywood (of Great British Bake Off fame) says his marriage is toast.
2 min
American Vandal, Navy-Style
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about the GOP tax plan—and about a giant penis in the sky.
5 min
USO-No, Not Al
Josh Voorhees has everything you need to know about the new allegations against Al Franken—and what could happen next.
5 min
‘Lenny Bernstein’ Calling
Josh Voorhees tells you about a dirty robocall in Alabama, how liberals are reckoning with Bill Clinton’s past, and points you to a Trump tweet that, sadly, perfectly illustrates America’s mass shooting problem.
5 min
Alabama Mall Rat
Josh Voorhees has the latest on the Roy Moore scandal, the early takeaway from Jeff Sessions' congressional testimony, and a musical climate protest at a U.N. conference.
5 min
More on Moore
Josh Voorhees has the latest on the Roy Moore scandal, Trump’s new pick for HHS, and the Iran earthquake.
4 min
There’s Always Moore
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about the latest reports of powerful men doing horrible things to women—and then gives himself a needed lesson in how to properly pronounce the name of Japan’s prime minister.
4 min
It’s a Trap!
Josh Voorhees tells you about the ongoing GOP exodus in Congress, explains the story behind the AT&T-Time Warner merger, and points out an unlikely highlight from Trump’s trip to Japan.
4 min
The Sad Trombone
Josh Voorhees highlights two particularly promising results from Election Day 2017—and then promptly rains on his own parade.
5 min
Laissez-Faire Landscaping
Josh Voorhees points you to a local election today that could have a global impact, tells you about a Trump cabinet member who seems to have been wildly inflating his own net worth, and details Rand Paul’s laissez-faire attitude toward landscaping.
4 min
Lost in Translation
Josh Voorhees has the latest on the Texas gunman’s possible motive, tells you who may be the next person indicted by Robert Mueller, and corrects the record from a messy weekend online.
4 min
Eleven Minutes in Heaven
Josh Voorhees unpacks a big new development in the Mueller investigation, tells you about Bowe Bergdahl’s sentence, and relives that brief but glorious window last night when Trump’s twitter account disappeared.
3 min
Josh Voorhees tells you how Trump’s NYC-terror tweets could cause headaches for prosecutors, how the Mueller investigation cost a Trump ally his new job, and about the not-so-subtle message James Comey is sending with the title of his new book.
3 min
American ‘Beauty’
Josh Voorhees unpacks Donald Trump’s response to the NYC terror attack, details the latest allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, and marks an important day for Obamacare.
3 min
Russian Tea Leaves
Josh Voorhees looks for clues for the next big break in Robert Mueller’s investigation, and tells you about John Kelly’s dubious retelling of Civil War history.
3 min
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about the two major developments in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigations.
4 min
A Constitutional Crisis and a Comment Interrupted
Josh Voorhees tells you about: dueling votes in Spain and Catalonia; the latest on Whitefish Energy’s sketchy Puerto Rico deal; and an accidentally charming NYT comment everyone is talking about.
5 min
Drugs, ‘Dirty Jokes’, and Dog Whistles
Josh Voorhees on the White House’s leader-less opioid strategy, new accusations of sexual assault against George H.W. Bush, and Trump’s latest thoughts on the Confederacy.
4 min
The Return of the Steele Dossier
Josh Voorhees tells you about the latest on the infamous dossier, and explains you why it matters—and why it doesn’t. He also has the latest on an undocumented Jane Doe and an NAACP travel warning.
5 min
The #AlertTheDaycareStaff Edition
Josh Voorhees explains the president’s latest Twitter tantrum, tells you about the highly questionable deal Puerto Rico made in hopes of restoring its power grid, and follows up on the story of the missing Trump condolence check.
5 min
Gold Star Criticism and Bone Spurs
Josh Voorhees has the latest on: Trump’s ongoing fight with an Army widow, Amazon’s search for a second home, and John McCain’s war of words with the president.
4 min
Paper Shortages and Cheeky Receptions
Josh Voorhees tells you why having the votes might not be enough to fix Obamacare, how an African government ran out of office supplies at an inopportune time, and about the cheeky reception the president’s motorcade got last night in D.C.
4 min
Emolument Hotdogs and #FakeMelania
Josh Voorhees tells you about the tasty emolument metaphor served up by a federal judge, a father of a fallen soldier who was promised a personal check from the president, and what you need to know about #FakeMelania.
5 min
‘I Guess It Hurts Anyway’
Josh Voorhees has the latest on: an Obamacare fix winding its way through the Senate and Trump’s travel ban getting blocked (again) in court. And he also unpacks the president’s, um, unusual way of talking to Gold Star families.
4 min
McCain’s Revenge
90 Seconds: McCain’s Revenge
4 min
Almost-Vice President Chris Christie
Josh Voorhees has a trio of quick hits for you: Colin Kaepernick sues the NFL, Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty in military court, and we all are learn just how close we were to saying the words Vice President Chris Christie.
4 min
Trump’s Obamacare Hostages
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about Donald Trump’s latest attempts to take down Obamacare from the inside.
4 min
Se Levanta Solo
Josh Voorhees on Donald Trump’s chilling threat to withdrawal federal first-responders from Puerto Rico, where millions of Americans are struggling to survive.
3 min
‘Moron’ Says What?
Josh Voorhees unpacks a new, nuclear weapons-themed report that details the national security meeting that prompted Rex Tillerson to reportedly call Trump a “moron.”
3 min
‘Liddle Senator,’ Big Problem
Josh Voorhees brings you the latest on the California wildfires, unpacks the shifting Las Vegas timeline, and takes a look at Donald Trump’s spat with GOP Sen. Bob Corker.
3 min
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and explains why the award committee played it safe this time around.
2 min
The Sound a “Bump” Makes
The Las Vegas shooter is said to have used a “bump stock” to maximize the carnage. Josh Voorhees explains what that is, lets you hear what it sounds like in action, and explains why maybe—just maybe—Republicans may be willing to ban them.
4 min
Moron This In a Moment
Josh Voorhees breaks down Rex Tillerson’s unexpected—and unconvincing—press conference, during which he denied he threatened to quit but didn’t deny calling Trump a “moron.”
3 min
Making Sense of the Senseless
Josh Voorhees takes a look at the big question that remains in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas: that of the gunman’s motive.
4 min
What We Know
Josh Voorhees tells you what we know—and what we don’t—about last night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.
2 min
The Price Isn’t Right
Josh Voorhees explains the giant flaw in HHS Secretary Tom Price’s plan to make amends for flying private, and tells you why Trump might let him keep his job in the end.
4 min
Trump’s Self-Serving Tax Plan
Josh Voorhees takes a look at Donald Trump’s new tax proposal—and counts all the ways it would help Donald Trump cut his own tax bill.
3 min
A Humanitarian Crisis on U.S. Soil
Josh Voorhees explains just how bad things are in Puerto Rico—and takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s seeming disinterest in the situation on the ground there.
3 min
Graham-Cassidy's Timely Death
Josh Voorhees explains why, in hindsight at least, the latest GOP repeal effort looked doomed from the very start. And he tells you about the odd type of consensus the bill did build: opposition to it.
3 min
NFL Counterprogramming
Josh Voorhees takes you through the other, non-NFL news from a busy weekend.
3 min
Advocacy After Dark
Josh Voorhees breaks down Jimmy Kimmel’s role in the current debate over Obamacare and the GOP’s latest attempt to gut it.
3 min
Manafort’s Black Caviar
Josh Voorhees on Sean Spicer’s prodigious note-taking, Paul Manafort’s cryptic emailing, and everything else you need to know about the new twists in the FBI’s investigation into Russia, Trump, and the 2016 election.
3 min
The Stroke of Midnight
Josh Voorhees tells you what you need to know about the GOP’s latest, and maybe last, attempt to repeal Obamacare—including which two GOP senators could deliver the deciding votes and why Mitch McConnell is almost out of time.
3 min
Robert Mueller’s Shock-and-Awe Style
Josh Voorhees unpacks two new blockbuster reports about the FBI’s Russia investigation, and explains why the devil’s in the details for both.
3 min
The Mustachioed Lawyer and Rumors of Wires
Josh Voorhees talks about the latest revelations about the FBI’s Russia investigation—and the awkward ways in which the Trump White House is reacting to it.
3 min
A Trio of Trumpian Anecdotes
Josh Voorhees brings you three new anecdotes about the president, all of which remind us that—regardless of the topic—Donald Trump’s first and last thought is always about Donald Trump.
3 min
When a Deal Isn't One
Josh Voorhees tries to make sense of the conflicting info coming out of Washington about a potential—key word there—deal on immigration and DACA.
3 min
Bernie’s Big Day
Josh Voorhees has all the wonky details of Bernie Sanders’ new Medicare-for-all proposal. He also previews the nasty messaging battle to come, and explains why this bill matters even if—or more likely, when—it dies a slow death in Congress.
4 min
Son-in-Law, Son-in-Legal-Trouble
Josh Voorhees takes a look at new reports that a group of White House lawyers tried to force Jared Kushner out this summer, and explains how Florida got meteorologically lucky with Irma.
3 min
After The Rain
Josh Voorhees has the latest on Irma’s path—and takes a look at some stealth killers that may come after the skies clear.
3 min
Donald + Chuck + Nancy = ?
Josh Voorhees takes a closer look at this week’s unexpected alliance between the president and Democratic leaders.
2 min
Hurricanes and Trolls
Josh Voorhees explains why Hurricane Irma may be worse than either Katrina or Harvey, and he examines the role a Russian troll farm may have had in the U.S. election.
3 min
There’s Something About Bernie
Josh Voorhees explains the secret to Hurricane Irma’s strength, and reads from leaked pages from Hillary Clinton’s new book, in which she makes an unexpected reference to a ‘90s gross-out comedy to illustrate her point.
4 min
Dreamers and Nightmares
Josh Voorhees on Trump’s decision to end DACA, and the terrifying historical comparison evoked by a new U.S. plan to pressure North Korea.
3 min
The Church Lady and the President
Josh Voorhees explains Trump’s new plan to kill Obamacare with quietness, and digs into a new nickname-filled report on Trump’s uneasy working relationship with his new chief of staff.
4 min
Explosive Semantics
Josh Voorhees explains the conflicting information coming out of Crosby, Texas, about a crippled chemical plant there, and unpacks the latest twist in the FBI’s Russia investigation.
3 min
Harvey By the Numbers (UPDATED)
In this updated version of today's podcast, Josh Voorhees explains why James Mattis' "surprise" news about Trump's trans ban wasn't actually surprising at all. And he gives you some numbers to better understand just how much rain has fallen on Houston.
3 min
Harvey By the Numbers
Josh Voorhees on what's next for Trump’s trans ban for the military, and some numbers to help you understand just how much rain has fallen on Houston.
3 min
A General Loses Faith
Josh Voorhees with a look back on what Texas lawmakers thought about federal aid when it was a different state that was under water, and a closer look at some strikingly candid comments from Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis.
4 min
‘Not Out of the Woods Yet’
Josh Voorhees on who's to blame in Houston, what Trump's Arpaio pardon means for the Russia investigation, and a troubling, belated discovery from Charlottesville.
5 min
Is Trump's Shutdown Threat Empty, Dumb, or Both?
Josh Voorhees on why Trump's border-wall demand is even crazier than it seems, the latest on Hurricane Harvey, and the glaring flaw in Gary Cohn's rationale for staying in the administration.
4 min
When Your 15 Minutes of Fame Ends in Jail
Josh Voorhees has the details of Trump-themed drama at the WSJ, the alt-right star who is now in jail, and some good news for Obamacare.
4 min
Rewriting History
Josh Voorhees has the low-lights from Trump’s mind-bending Phoenix speech, and yet one more thing the president has in common with his white-nationalist supporters.
4 min
Taking a Knee
Josh Voorhees on the problem with Trump’s Afghan speech, a reason to worry about the president’s trip to Phoenix, and the Cleveland Browns’ anthem protest.
4 min
Trump’s Turn
Josh Voorhees previews the president’s big Afghanistan speech.
3 min
Learning to Laugh at Neo-Nazis
Josh Voorhees on a ridiculous—in a good way!—proposal to subvert the next alt-right march.
3 min
A Monumental Mistake
Josh Voorhees on the flaw with Trump’s monument logic, Steve Bannon’s Scaramucci moment, and a delightful story from north of the border.
3 min
An Unsurprising Shock
Josh Voorhees on three things you need to know in the aftermath of Donald Trump's "both sides" press conference.
3 min
Bye Bye Bannon?
Josh Voorhees on Steve Bannon’s job security, the CEOs breaking with Trump, and the latest on North Korea.
3 min
'I Thought It Had Something to Do With Trump'
Josh Voorhees on three things you need to know about this weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia
3 min
Do Not Look at the Fireball
Josh Voorhees on a Guam’s emergency prep, Trump's Manafort headache, and a truly absurd Craig’s List job ad.
3 min
Aiming to Miss
Josh Voorhees on Trump vs. McConnell, North Korea's latest aggression, and the secret conservative investors behind Wonder Woman.
2 min
Knock Knock. Who's There? The FBI
Josh Vorhees on the FBI's raid on Paul Manafort's home, Trumps North Korea threat and Disney's streaming ambitions
2 min
Preemptive Strike
Steve Lickteig with today's haul: A new, depressing climate report, Bernie's litmus test and can you pass Trump's immigration test
3 min
I Said This Isn't a Coup
Steve Lickteig with today's haul: North Korea remains defiant, the rebels attempting to overthrow the Venezuelan president say it isn't a coup, and is Mark Zuckerberg running for president?
3 min