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iPod inventor on the five-month sprint to build...
In the second-part of the interview, Tony Fadell, talks about the challenges and pressures he faced.  
18 min
iPod inventor shares what it was like pitching ...
The follow is the first of a three-part interview with Tony Fadell, who invented the iPod at Apple and found smart home device maker Nest Labs.
11 min
Microsoft’s Surface Duo is back for a second ro...
The phone with two displays that fold up like a book is back with a second iteration.
13 min
Google’s Pixel 6 comes with a custom chip to bo...
Here’s everything you need to know about the latest flagship phone from Google. 
14 min
Are Apple’s AirPods 3 worth the upgrade? (The D...
We break down what’s new about the upgraded base AirPods 3.
13 min
Apple answers our wish list with the new MacBoo...
The new Apple Silicon-powered laptops get a lot of features Mac fans have been asking for.
13 min
Apple's holding another event: Here's what we e...
Macs, Airpods and possible some other surprises.
13 min
Congressional fight over $1.2 trillion infrastr...
As Congress spars over President Joe Biden’s ambitious plans to overhaul everything from roads to electrical grids, the fate of further broadband deployment hangs in the balance.
10 min
How the centuries-old art of Scotch-making is e...
Whisky distilleries in Scotland are experimenting with new techniques to improve sustainability and widening their taste profiles.
14 min
Southwest canceled more than 2,000 flights this...
We break down the mass cancellation. 
11 min
Squid Game has dominated Netflix, and pop cultu...
The Korean deadly game series has become a worldwide phenomenon.
11 min
Facebook’s terrible, horrible, no good, very ba...
From an outage to damning testimony from a whistleblower, Facebook was on its heels over the last few days. 
15 min
Tips to remember during Cybersecurity Awareness...
Yeah, it’s made-up observance. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.
9 min
Google’s giving you more tools to fight the cli...
Updates to its Maps, Search and Shopping services are pushing consumers to make more sustainable choices. 
14 min
Facebook global outage shows how dependent we a...
It wasn’t just about status updates and cute pet photos on your news feed -- business and whole countries rely on it for communication.
8 min
Exploring the legacy of Steve Jobs (The Daily C...
As the 10-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death approaches, we look back on the impact he’s had on Silicon Valley -- for better or worse.
16 min
Instagram under fire again -- this time over th...
Instagram parent Facebook appeared before Congress to discuss whether the platforms are failing children.
14 min
Robocalls are everywhere. The FCC thinks it has...
If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that robocalls are terrible. Yet they continue to be a problem, thanks in part to a lot of scammers operating overseas. FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel thinks she has a solution. 
10 min
Amazon’s Astro costs $1,000. But is it somethin...
We break down Amazon’s surprise robot announcement and what you need to know. 
14 min
Amazon’s Astro home robot headlines popped smar...
Amazon showed off a new, larger Echo Show 15 and more Ring products.
14 min
Nintendo’s OLED Switch brings big changes, but ...
I talk to Dan Ackerman about his hands-on time with the new console from Nintendo. 
9 min
Shipping days may make holiday shopping a night...
Product shortages could be even worse than in previous years thanks to supply constraints and shipping problems. 
12 min
Apple juggles iPhone 13 launch with employee up...
It’s a weird time for Apple. 
11 min
Microsoft’s Surface event: Surface Pro 8, Surfa...
We break down everything Microsoft announced today. 
10 min
iPhone 13 and 13 Pro: Here’s the CNET official ...
We break down what we really think of Apple’s new flagship phones. 
19 min
Netflix wins big at the Emmys (The Daily Charge...
The streaming platform ruled the award show leaving everyone else in its dust.
14 min
Debunking the most common anti-vaccine myths (T...
We run through some of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to get a vaccine, and why they’re wrong.
16 min
Apple Watch Series 7 gets a huge facelift. What...
We break down all the changes in the new wearable and whether it’s worth the upgrade. 
12 min
So you want to buy an iPhone 13? Here are some ...
The carriers have rolled out aggressive offers to get you to upgrade. But they come with strings.
14 min
Apple unveils the iPhone 13: We break down the ...
From the camera to the battery, we drill down on what's new.
11 min
Apple and Epic’s legal battle is over, but who ...
This legal decision could change the mobile app industry forever.
13 min
TCL almost sold an affordable foldable phone. A...
The company sent us a working unit despite scrapping its plans to actually launch it.
14 min
Apple event: Beyond the iPhone, what else do we...
Apple Watch and maybe a M1-powered Mac? We break it all down.
13 min
Apple’s iPhone launch event is confirmed. What ...
Let’s go through what we think we’ll see during Apple’s big fall event.
16 min
Bitcoin is El Salvador’s legal currency. What d...
We break down what it means for a country to go all-in on the cryptocurrency. 
11 min
Superman & Lois is the comic-book show you shou...
Disney Plus’s Marvel shows get all the attention, but there’s a new incarnation of Superman that’s absolutely riveting.
17 min
Why Amazon public lockers end up in the oddest ...
We look at why they end up behind gas stations and even in public parks. 
8 min
Ivermectin is the unproven COVID-19 treatment e...
What the heck is it?
12 min
How COVID-19 delta messes up our live event pla...
We take a look at what concerts and other live events are doing as infection rates tick back up. 
11 min
We now know when Windows 11 is officially going...
Microsoft’s big update to Windows is coming, but it won’t hit all devices right away.
6 min
How Lord of the Rings changed filmmaking and ep...
The software used to create those gigantic battles in the classic trilogy had a larger impact than you expected.
13 min
Saints Row, Midnights Suns and other news from ...
The German trade show had some big surprises for gamers.
10 min
How e-commerce can help American-made products ...
Many US-based companies are leveraging the power of Amazon and direct-to-consumer sites to reach customers, but it's a tough battle.
8 min
Tetra is the sexiest, tiniest, techiest dishwas...
Years after Heatworks’ Tetra set CES abuzz, this unorthodox dishwasher -- smaller than a microwave — is finally almost here
12 min
How to preserve your work culture in a hybrid w...
Cisco executive Todd Nightingale on the importance of culture and flexibility when going hybrid. 
13 min
What the hybrid work environment looks like, ac...
Todd Nightingale, executive vice president and GM of Cisco’s networking and cloud business talks about how it adapted to the pandemic and remote work. 
15 min
Elon Musk wants to make an AI Tesla robot. For ...
The CEO even brought out a prototype -- which was just a person in a suit dancing.
9 min
What it’s like to work in a VR office with Face...
The Facebook chief took Scott Stein through a tour of it 
12 min
Apple film CODA pushes sign language as an artf...
The critically acclaimed film puts the Deaf community front and center.
13 min
Google’s budget Pixel 5A phone debuts, but does...
With limited distribution and a release with little fanfare, the Pixel 5A arrives in an underwhelming manner.
10 min
Just bought a home? Here’s a guide on homeowner...
There’s a lot of work that goes into owning a home. But we break it down.
11 min
Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3: Did Samsung finally ...
Patrick Holland shares his impressions on the two new foldables from Samsung.
16 min
Galaxy Watch brings the best of Samsung and Goo...
We go deep with Scott Stein, who has both new smartwatches. 
15 min
Galaxy Z foldables, Watch and more: Everything ...
We break down the controversy and what Apple and privacy advocates say about it.
13 min
My toddler got COVID-19, and an evening at the ...
My son is fortunately okay, but it’s a stark reminder that COVID-19 could be deadly to anyone. 
3 min
Apple’s child sexual abuse detection system is ...
We break down the controversy and what Apple and privacy advocates say about it. 
15 min
The Suicide Squad Spoiler-free review (The Dail...
James Gunn first attempt at a DC superhero movie looks to be a success.  
8 min
Why boosting the number of American-made produc...
Today, everything from iPhones to car parts to toys relies on overseas manufacturing. What'll it take to bolster the production of "Made in America" items?
12 min
Could the delta variant call for another dose o...
Companies like Pfizer and Moderna are looking into creating booster shots to help protect against the highly contagious variant. Will a booster be necessary?
6 min
Google releases first details of Pixel 6 and 6 ...
What’s in the latest flagship phone from the tech giant.
9 min
Facebook’s headed to the metaverse with its sma...
Facebook has smart glasses coming out this year, part of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for a Facebook metaverse.
15 min
Black Widow herself wants to take Disney to cou...
Movie star Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for Black Widow's streaming release on Disney Plus, but who
11 min
Instagram's new policies place teen privacy at ...
Amid mounting concerns from parents and lawmakers about the impacts of social media, Instagram is now making teens' accounts private by default.
11 min
TCL’s TV glasses plug a monitor onto your face ...
Wearing a monitor on your head has never felt so comfortable.
11 min
A startup called Nothing is trying to make wave...
The brainchild of Carl Pei, who previously co-founded OnePlus, has a load of Silicon Valley backers.
13 min
TCL’s 8K TV is “only” at $2,199. Is now the tim...
Let’s talk about 8K and whether you actually need an insanely high resolution TV.
8 min
Here’s why you should avoid the Freedom Phone (...
The phone, touted to protect your security and freedom of speech, raises so many red flags.
12 min
Samsung’s got the budget 5G phone for you (The ...
We break down the Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung’s best phone under $500
14 min
Netflix will offer “free” games on mobile phone...
The company says it’s in the early stages of development as it builds upon interactive content like Bandersnatch.
12 min
Jeff Bezos is the second billionaire to rocket ...
What does Virgin Galactic and Bezos’ Blue Origin mean for commercial space travel?
13 min
Ashton Kutcher has a deceptively simple answer ...
I chat with That 70s Show star about 5G, social media and tech investing.
15 min
Valve Steam Deck is a Nintendo Switch-like cons...
The $399 system will let you take games on the go.
15 min
Meet the woman that makes Facebook and Amazon t...
FTC Chair Lina Khan has her eye on the Big Tech.
14 min
Loki is over but what’s next for the MCU (The D...
We take a look at the series and figure out Marvel’s next move.
9 min
Eager to get verified on social media? It’s an ...
We discuss some of the scams that aim to take advantage of aspiring influencers.
14 min
How MacOS Monterey changes the MacBook game (Th...
CNET Editor Dan Ackerman on his time with the new MacOS update.
10 min
We all depend on GPS. But what if it goes down?...
Here’s a look at why we don’t really have a dedicated fallback if GPS goes down.
11 min
Trump sues Google, Facebook and Twitter (The Da...
The former president is taking action after getting banned from the various platforms.
9 min
Pentagon cancels $10B JEDI contract, ending Ama...
The Department of Defense’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, was a lucrative government contract worth $10 billion. But it was also the subject of a messy legal fight between Microsoft and Amazon. And now it’s dead. What is JEDI and what the heck happened?
7 min
Nintendo releases an OLED Switch, just don’t ca...
Nintendo drops some details on an upgraded Switch coming in October.
11 min
Waiting for that 5G killer app (The Daily Charg...
Qualcomm researcher Tingfang Ji talks about the benefits of 5G as the technology matures.
16 min
What will 6G look like? Qualcomm dishes on the ...
Qualcomm researcher Tingfang Ji talks about the work being done of 5G Advanced and 6G.
14 min
Apple’s iOS 15 beta is here. Why you should and...
Here’s what you need to know for the iPhone’s latest operating system.
9 min
Windows 11 is touting its open garden vs Apple’...
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella touts a new era for Windows. But will anyone care?
15 min
Your robocall hell may soon be over (The Daily ...
The carriers are all required to use new tools designed to combat spam calls. But will this actually stop them?
10 min
Digital redlining and why some people are stuck...
We look at how broadband deployment today mirrors the illegal mortgage practices of the past. 
15 min
Wish Dragon’s Jimmy Wong on AAPI representation...
In the second part of the interview, we dig into the dilemma of keeping the issue of anti-Asian hate in the forefront.
10 min
Wish Dragon’s Jimmy Wong on AAPI representation...
The actor and YouTube star talks about the importance of creating role models for people in disenfranchised communities.
17 min
Wikipedia is grappling with how to handle the c...
The theory, which claims the new coronavirus may have leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, is gaining more mainstream attention. But Wikipedia's editors aren't sure if, or how, to present it.
17 min
Why you should or shouldn’t opt-out of the Chil...
Families will have an option on how they’ll receive their rest of their credit starting in July.
8 min
Everything we want and expect from Windows 11 (...
Microsoft is unveiling a big revamp of its operating system on Thursday. Here’s what you need to know
7 min
Prime Day is upon us. Here’s how to make the mo...
Special guest Rick Broida is here to offer his “Cheapskate” wisdom and highlight the top deals.
13 min
Reface CEO on how to responsibly handle deepfak...
The CEO behind the face-swapping app on how he thinks about the ways people could potentially abuse his company's technology.
14 min
How a viral app avoids being a flash in the pan...
We talk with the CEO of the company behind Reface, which topped the App Store last fall, on why his app isn't just a gimmick.
16 min
Ahead of Prime Day, Amazon faces scrutiny over ...
We dig into some of the issues facing employees of the online retail giant.
12 min
Our big E3 show: Halo Infinite, Starfield, but ...
Here are all the big highlights -- and what we didn’t get -- from this year’s virtual E3.
15 min
US lawmakers drop antitrust hammer on Apple, Am...
A bipartisan group from the US House introduced a set of bills designed to curb the power of Big Tech.
11 min
The Tesla Model S has gone plaid -- with a ludi...
We break down the range-topping new Tesla car and how it justifies its $131,000 price tag.
11 min
Amazon Sidewalk wants to borrow your internet t...
Let’s break down what it is and whether you want to opt out of this system.
13 min
Flaunting your wealth can be dangerous to your ...
Even unintentional flexes can invite backlash and accusations of being tone deaf.
10 min