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Qualcomm President on 5G solutions to problems ...
We discuss areas like remote work and what he really sees 5G unlocking down the line.
13 min
Samsung Galaxy S21’s biggest innovation is its ...
Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s next flagship phone.
10 min
Qualcomm President on 5G solutions to problems ...
We discuss how 5G can help in areas like telemedicine and remote learning.
16 min
Our big CES 2021 media day episode (The Daily ...
We break down the biggest highlights from the tech show.
11 min
Capitol Hill violence again raises the question...
Facebook has blocked President Trump indefinitely, but we look at what else needs to be done.
12 min
What to expect from the media and streaming wor...
WarnerMedia made some waves by releasing Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max at the same time as it did in theaters. We’ll hear more about this plan at the show.
13 min
5G talk will dominate a remote CES 2021 (The Da...
The next-generation cellular tech will be a big deal at a show that will rely more on panel discussions and virtual presentations than hands-on time with gadgets.
9 min
Robots to take the virtual stage at CES 2021 (T...
Robots will radiate ultraviolet light, entertain and replace some of our manual farming tasks. But we won’t get to see them.
11 min
Samsung’s Galaxy S21 arrives early. Here’s what...
Samsung’s flagship phone makes its debut in the middle of CES. We break down whether this means the death of the Note line.
11 min
The biggest tech stories of 2020, Part 2 (The D...
Flipboard Tech Editor Ken Yeung and I run through our top five picks of the year.
15 min
The biggest tech stories of 2020, Part 1 (The D...
Flipboard Tech Editor Ken Yeung and I break down the notable events in tech this year.
25 min
How Quibi crashed and burned so quickly (The Da...
This episode originally aired on Oct. 22.
19 min
How streaming services and COVID-19 upended Hol...
More movies are heading straight to streaming services. Does that spell the end of movie theaters?
16 min
Everything you need to know about the stimulus ...
There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to the debate over stimulus. Let’s break it down.
11 min
How Arctic indigenous communities are using tec...
An inside look at how sensors, GPS and other social tools help to preserve traditions amid a changing world.
16 min
We explore the Spider-Verse and what it means f...
Resident CNET geek Sean Keane breaks down what could be the start of a Marvel multiverse.
12 min
IPhones, 5G and the carrier war in 2021 (The Da...
The battle between Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T heats up.
14 min
Big Tech is poised to feel the regulatory heat ...
But the EU and US could see more alignment in how they view tech under the Biden administration.
16 min
Why Reddit is the unlikely to key to solving th...
Researchers are using Reddit for connections between mental health and language.
9 min
Wonder Woman 1984 is better than the original (...
The DC film is heading to HBO Max on Christmas. Here's our spoiler-free review.
13 min
Why accessibility is having its moment in tech ...
The push for diversity is giving voice to the disability community. Here’s why it matters.
11 min
A Star Wars and Marvel bonanza: Everything Disn...
Oh, there’s a price hike coming too.
15 min
Our first impressions of the $549 AirPods Max (...
Here’s what we really think about the new uber-expensive headphones.
13 min
Apple’s asking you to pay $549 for the AirPods ...
The over-the-ear headphones represent a big expansion into its accessories business.
14 min
Facebook struggled to combat lies and misinform...
The social network was tested time and again -- and it didn’t always pass.
13 min
We’re about to get a big glimpse into Disney Pl...
Disney is holding an investor day presentation to lay out its plans for the hit streaming service. 
12 min
Apple’s M1-powered Macs are a good thing for Qu...
Qualcomm executive Alex Katouzian talks about the future of laptops powered by mobile chips.
6 min
How Qualcomm’s latest chip powers better photos...
We drill down with Qualcomm executive Alex Katouzian on two of the big priorities for the Snapdragon 888 chip.
8 min
Qualcomm on why 5G experiences are just going t...
They’ve been a little underwhelming so far. But the technology is just getting going, says Qualcomm executive Alex Katouzian.
17 min
Apple in 2020: iPhone embraces 5G, the M1 chip ...
It’s time to break down the highs and lows of Apple this year.
22 min
Orbits are roadways in space: Here’s why you sh...
CNET’s Stephen Shankland explains why it’s so difficult -- yet important -- to ensure satellites have a stable orbit around the Earth.
18 min
Looking for a phone for the holidays? Here are ...
CNET phone reviewer Lynn La gives you the lowdown on the most attractive options. 
11 min
Tech’s biggest fails of 2020 (The Daily Charge,...
The biggest blunders in one of the worst years ever.
4 min
Here’s your Black Friday sales survival guide (...
The Cheapskate himself, Rick Broida, is back to offer his tips and tricks to staying on top of Black Friday.
14 min
We’re still waiting on that killer app for 5G (...
\Still, there are reasons you should care about the technology and future proof yourself if you plan to upgrade your phone soon.
10 min
Where are 5G networks now? Here’s our progress ...
A look at how the 5G rollout has gone so far.
8 min
This is Apple’s secret weapon to make you care ...
Augmented reality is a big the tech companies. But we’re still waiting on a killer app that does more than Pokemon Go.
18 min
The fight over gig worker status is going natio...
After a big win in California, Uber and Lyft are looking to make sure their drivers remain contractors across the US.
10 min
How Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War got made i...
An inside story of the development of one of the biggest games of the year.
12 min
We’ve got the MacBooks with Apple’s new custom ...
Here’s a rundown of how they differ from the traditional Intel-powered Mac.
16 min
Space has a trash problem -- and it’s getting w...
Dead satellites and other debris have created a Great Garbage Shell around Earth.
7 min
Nintendo’s Game & Watch Super Mario is a massiv...
The Japanese video game maker continues to tap into our childhood for its latest products.
13 min
Apple’s flashy M1 chip raises the question: Wha...
Apple’s impending split from Intel is just one of the problems the chip maker has to contend with.
12 min
TikTok faces a deadline that could shut the ser...
No one really understands what’s going on as a critical date for its deal to partner with Oracle and Walmart.
11 min
MacBook Air, MacBook Pro get the Apple-designed...
The Mac Mini also gets the Apple silicon upgrade treatment.
16 min
iPhone 12 Max and Mini: Our thoughts on the two...
We’ve got the biggest and smallest iPhone 12s in our hands. Here’s what we thought of them.
20 min
Our thoughts on the Playstation 5 and how it st...
We pit the two next-generation consoles against each other. 
12 min
Here's what we thought of the Xbox Series X and...
We got our hands on both of Microsoft's next-generation consoles. 
9 min
How Facebook and Twitter fared on Election Nigh...
The social networks vowed to be better at fighting misinformation. We discuss whether they met the challenge.
12 min
Another Apple event will likely bring its next-...
The new Macs will run on the same kind of processors that power Apple’s iPhones.
10 min
Why stress baking is a thing in during the glob...
A look at the psychological reasons why baking bread took off during the lockdown.
11 min
Amazon’s future and a fond farewell to a Daily ...
Ben Fox Rubin gives us one last prediction on the state of e-commerce before departing the world of journalism.
25 min
T-Mobile CEO on what 5G looks like in 2021 (The...
Will the hype finally meet reality next year?
9 min
T-Mobile CEO says he’ll continue to be aggressi...
He calls the iPhone launch the unofficial kickoff of 5G.
5 min
T-Mobile CEO wants to shake up video streaming ...
Can Mike Sievert do to video what the Un-carrier did with wireless service?
6 min
The secret to happiness during a miserable 2020...
Here’s how to hack your way to a more happy life.
8 min
The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro just launched. Are peo...
The coronavirus clearly had an impact on the usual splashy launch.
17 min
How Quibi crashed and burned so quickly (The Da...
The bite-sized streaming video service will shut down after less than seven months.
19 min
The iPad Air has a radical new design. But is i...
CNET Editor Scott Stein shares his hands-on impressions of the new tablet.
15 min
Here are our impressions of the iPhone 12 and i...
CNET Editor Patrick Holland shares his thoughts on Apple’s newest flagship phones.
21 min
Star Trek: Discovery's newest character teases ...
David Ajala, who plays the new character "Book" talks about his relationship with lead character Michael Burnham.
10 min
Star Trek: Discovery: What to expect from the n...
Showrunner Michelle Paradise gives us a preview of what it's like after jumping 930 years into the future.
17 min
The iPhone 12 family gets 5G, MagSafe, Ceramic ...
We run through all of the new features of the new and larger collection of new iPhones.
24 min
Verizon Wireless CEO on what iPhone 12 getting ...
We have Verizon's Ronan Dunne to talk about the iPhone 12 and the state of the company's 5G roll out.
28 min
How to survive the madness of Amazon Prime Day ...
There are tens of thousands of offers flying all over the place. How do you keep up and guarantee that you’re actually getting a good deal?
13 min
A radically different Prime Day: Here’s what to...
Prime Day is coming at the end of the year -- right before Black Friday. Ben Fox Rubin shares his thoughts on the changes we’ll see.
11 min
Social networks are bracing for a hack-and-leak...
Stolen emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair rocked the 2016 elections and gave rise to QAnon. Tech companies are trying to avoid a repeat.
10 min
What’s 5G’s real impact going to be on the iPho...
We discuss everything you need to know about the next-gen wireless technology and the next iPhone.
13 min
Chromecast with Google TV can finally take on R...
Google’s streaming device makes a big leap. We break it all down for you.
11 min
Apple’s iPhone 12 event is finally here (for re...
What else could it be?
13 min
Is the Nest Audio smart speaker worth your time...
We take a look at Google’s $100 midrange smart speaker.
11 min
How Walmart Plus is taking on Amazon Prime (The...
Our own Ben Fox Rubin shares his insights about the origins and future of Walmart’s subscription service.
9 min
Pixel 5, new Chromecast and Nest Audio: Breakin...
Google offered up three new products in a zippy presentation. Here’s what you need to know.
9 min
What we really think about the new 8th-generat...
CNET Editor Scott Stein also tackles face-tracking VR and where that takes us.
12 min
Will the iPhone 12 bring us new wireless deals?...
AT&T introduced a new wireless plan and Verizon’s expanding its 5G Home service. This may just be the tip of the iceberg.
14 min
Here’s what the Xbox Series X is really like to...
CNET’s Jeff Bakalar is on to share his hands-on impressions with the upcoming console.
17 min
RE-RUN: Fake 5G-coronavirus conspiracy theory l...
There’s a real toll that these fake rumors have taken on both telecom equipment and workers.
16 min
Amazon’s Luna, new Echo and indoor flying drone...
We break it all down for you.
15 min
What to expect from Amazon's 2020 Alexa bonanza...
Look for new stuff from Echo, Ring, Fire TV and Eero.
11 min
Roku and Peacock made nice. Will HBO Max and Fi...
For months, big new streaming apps have been missing from the most popular streaming devices. That's starting to change.
11 min
TikTok is saved (for now): What you need to kno...
Oracle and Walmart have a deal that meets President’s Trump approval. Here’s what’s involved.
10 min
The US will ban TikTok and WeChat on Sunday. Wh...
Let’s break down the latest escalation in tension between China and US.
9 min
Breaking down Apple Watch, iPad, Oculus Quest 2...
We’ve got hands on with the Apple products and the Quest 2, and talk about Facebook’s smart Ray-Bans.
19 min
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is nostalgia candy, bu...
A relative Mario newbie and hardcore fan debates the merits of this collection of classic Nintendo games.
9 min
Apple iPad, Watch and One bundle: Breaking down...
Everything but the iPhone.
14 min
What we’re expecting in the PS5 showcase (The D...
Also, we break down the pricing for the Xbox Series X and S.
13 min
Apple Watch and iPad take center stage as iPhon...
Apple Watch and iPad take center stage as iPhone gets pushed back
16 min
LG CTO on how the coronavirus influences his pr...
LG’s I.P. Park discusses how the pandemic changed everything.
13 min
These smart toilets may solve India’s massive o...
We talk to reporter Ben Fox Rubin, who went to India to get a first-hand look at the issue.
14 min
Apple confirms Sept 15 event and Xbox Series S ...
Microsoft confirmed the $299 price tag of the digital-only version of its Xbox console, while Apple has set its Apple Watch launch date.
10 min
LG offers a taste of what 5G looks like in Kore...
LG Chief Technology Officer I.P. Park talks about the potential for 5G, and some future applications that excites him.
7 min
Using tech to better combat raging wildfires (T...
The technology and science behind tracking how wildfires move is getting better. We dig into the topic.
9 min
Amazon and Walmart are circling around each oth...
Walmart wants to take on Amazon Prime, and Amazon is opening physical grocery stores.
11 min
A tech trade show where -- gasp! -- people will...
We preview the IFA tech conference in Berlin, the first in months to host actual people.
11 min
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G: All the details o...
You’ve got questions about Samsung’s third foldable phone. We’ve got answers.
12 min
Xbox Series X and PS5 are coming: Here’s what w...
We’ve got lots of game details, but no price.
10 min
Crossing the Broadband Divide, Part 6: Can coro...
We talk with Morgan Kurk, chief technology officer of infrastructure provider CommScope, about what both lawmakers and businesses need to do to get us moving in the right direction.
18 min
Crossing the Broadband Divide, Part 5: How 5G c...
We talk with two executives from Qualcomm about how next-generation technology like 5G can help close the gap.
28 min
Crossing the Broadband Divide, Part 4: How cell...
We talk with Verizon Chief Technology Officer Kyle Malady on the company's approach to improving access to connectivity.
10 min
Crossing the Broadband Divide Part 3: The homew...
Blair Levin joins the show
21 min