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Neil Young pulls out of Spotify due to Joe Roga...
The musician accuses Spotify of spreading misinformation.
10 min
Apple’s earnings should tell us how well the iP...
We’ll get a glimpse of how big its holiday season went.
14 min
Fitness trackers are playing a more central rol...
The future of fitness is all about getting more useful information.
9 min
AT&T is giving its home internet service a huge...
Just what we need for our work-from-home setups.
8 min
Video games are embracing NFTs. Here’s what you...
The NFT trend is getting to the point where it’s almost inescapable.
9 min
Breaking down the false term ‘mass formation ps...
Looking at how it’s being used to spur more COVID misinformation.
15 min
Wireless carriers and the airliners are clashin...
It’s a bit of dejá vu as AT&T and Verizon are once again delaying the rollout of their upgraded 5G networks around the major airports.
13 min
Microsoft shakes up gaming landscape with $68.7...
Microsoft’s largest acquisition ever brings the Call of Duty and Warcraft franchises under its umbrella.
12 min
2022 will be the year of 5G. No, really (The Da...
We’ve said it before, but 5G could be reaching the level of maturity where it becomes more noticeably useful.
12 min
QR code scams are the new cybersecurity threat ...
Be careful where you scan.
7 min
Omicron shows travel will continue to be messy ...
Just when we were ready to hit the road again. But how will things be after omicron passes?
10 min
With climate change devastating the world, call...
There’s an increasing push to get wealthier countries to pay for their outsized environmental impact.
12 min
AR, VR and smart glasses could have a big year ...
CES hinted at the long nascent smart glass and AR market to gain ground in 2022
13 min
Why there’s value to going to CES after all (T...
We can write off this year as another byproduct of the global pandemic.
12 min
Our biggest takeaways from CES 2022 (The Daily ...
From fancy new TVs to realistic robots, what could’ve been a blah conference ended it up surprisingly strong.
13 min
CES 2022 shows how laptops will be even more ce...
We run through the latest trends we’re seeing with laptops at the show.
12 min
Samsung’s Galaxy S21 drops ahead of CES 2022, b...
Here’s a break-down to of the budget-friendly flagship phone.
8 min
CES 2022 is upon us: Here’s what we’re expectin...
With COVID-19 cases surging again, most companies are going to remote. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be a quiet show.
9 min
The Great Resignation is here to stay (The Dail...
We examine one of the biggest trends to stem from the pandemic.
12 min
We barely made a dent in the fight against robo...
The government put more safeguards in place to protect us against robocalls. It worked, for a moment. 
11 min
Conspiracy theories had deadly consequences in ...
From vaccines to the elections, a wave of misinformation received unprecedented attention from the mainstream.
13 min
Spider-Man: No Way Home blows up the MCU: Our s...
We share our thoughts on the latest Marvel film, and how it changes everything.
23 min
Apple had a busy year, but 2022 could be even w...
Virtual and augmented reality glasses and a redesigned iPhone could be highlights, although COVID-19 continues to raise questions.
14 min
YouTube TV and Disney are the latest in carriag...
We break down the latest fight between streaming provider and network.
13 min
The wireless wars were wild this year -- and th...
More competition meant better deals, although some of them came with strings.
15 min
Amazon Glow goes beyond Zoom and FaceTime in bu...
The combination of video chat device and projector lets families get together virtually in a more meaningful way.
13 min
Shang-Chi director on the importance of AAPI re...
Destin Daniel Cretton on how the film is an important window into Asian American culture, and who would win in a fight between Shang-Chi and Dragonball Z's Goku.
5 min
Shang-Chi director on sequel ideas and breaking...
Director Destin Daniel Cretton talks about what it was like shooting during a pandemic.
10 min
Here are CNET's best tech products of the year ...
We have CNET head of tech reviews to break down the products you should be looking at this holiday season.
10 min
Facebook wants to build the metaverse, but alre...
Social media reporter Queenie Wong unfolds just how toxic the VR ecosystem is. DISCLAIMER: While not explicit, some of today's subject matter discusses the use of vulgar language.
11 min
Amazon Halo View is a budget-friendly fitness b...
But can its low price keep it competitive in a crowded market of alternatives?
12 min
Cybersecurity attacks had some big real-world i...
A ransomware attack that hit Colonial Pipeline had people panicking about gas shortages. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.
9 min
Halo Infinite is Xbox’s flagship title. But doe...
We discuss the big changes to the franchise in the latest title, and whether it’s worth your time.
14 min
How Qualcomm plans to play in the metaverse (Th...
Executive Alex Katouzian talks virtual reality, alternate reality and what still excites him about 5G. 
13 min
Qualcomm talks Apple M1 and its own Steam Deck-...
Executive Alex Katouzian talks about its computer processor and a reference device for a Steam Deck-like portable PC gaming machine. 
14 min
Qualcomm on the Snapdragon processor powering y...
Qualcomm executive Alex Katouzian talks about the benefits of the next processor and a new branding strategy for the Snapdragon line.
13 min
How people are fighting back against gift card ...
Some victims have devised creative approaches to fending off scam calls. Is it making any difference?
10 min
What Jack Dorsey stepping down from Twitter mea...
The CEO's decision comes at a time of increased scrutiny on social media giants.
6 min
Does Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop do justice to the c...
We talk about the live-action “remix” and that controversial ending.
18 min
Gift card scams: How they worked and how to avo...
We break down an increasingly popular form of scam that's reaped hundreds of millions of dollars.
13 min
Amazon’s fake review problem runs on a never en...
Here’s how some of the products on Amazon get those eye-popping large 5-star review numbers.
11 min
Activision has a massive culture crisis: Here’s...
From a culture that’s accepted sexual misconduct to a loss of confidence in the CEO, there’s a lot to dissect. 
9 min
Star Trek: Discovery showrunner on the new capt...
Michelle Paradise offers a few teases on what to expect in season 4. 
9 min
Star Trek: Discovery showrunner on that shockin...
Michelle Paradise that jaw-dropping ending and how it raises the stakes for the show.
11 min
Intel has a bold plan to bring chip manufacturi...
We discuss how difficult it is to actually make chips.
12 min
Apple will let you repair your own iPhone: Here...
Under pressure to open things up, Apple debuts its Self Service Repair program. 
13 min
GTA Trilogy is the latest video game disaster. ...
Rockstar’s remastered collection of games is filled with bugs and incomplete code.
12 min
How Samsung is preparing its Galaxy phones for ...
The companies’ One UI 4 software update takes COVID-19 into account.
10 min
Disney Plus Day brings Shang-Chi, glimpses of n...
We give you the rundown on all the Disney Plus content.
8 min
YouTube hides dislikes in an effort to curb onl...
But is it enough?
9 min
Want to buy a PS5? You may have to pay for the ...
Retailers are starting to give priority to customers signed up for their premium services, effectively putting them behind a paywall.
9 min
Microsoft wants to take on Chromebooks in the e...
Say hello to the $249 Surface Laptop SE. But are teachers going to welcome Microsoft’s take on the low-cost education device?
7 min
Climate change is real: 5 facts that cut throug...
From rising carbon dioxide to more radical weather events, it’s hard to deny the reality of climate change.
10 min
Making sense of Impossible Pork and religion (T...
Eating pork is not allowed in two of the world's major religions, but what about eating plants that taste like pork?
5 min
Nintendo Switch is the latest victim of the sup...
Good luck getting a new Nintendo console this holiday season.
9 min
AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro: We look at two of A...
Apple dropped some new audio gear. CNET’s headphone expert David Carnoy breaks them down. 
11 min
Sitting on a Bitcoin fortune? Here’s how to pro...
Security reporter Bree Fowler also breaks down what to do if your cryptocurrency gets stolen.
10 min
The UN’s COP26 conference may be a turning poin...
Or it could just be a bunch of countries talking and not agreeing to goals to avert environmental catastrophe down the line. 
12 min
Facebook renames itself Meta, but faces the sam...
It’s been a busy week for Facebook (again). We discuss everything from the rebranding to its new VR and metaverse initiatives.
14 min
Our spoiler-filled thoughts on epic sci-fi film...
We take a break from the news cycle to have a spoiler-filled discussion about Dune and the future of this franchise.
26 min
Facebook will push its metaverse and VR amid al...
The embattled social media giant will be holding its Connect conference to talk about AR. Here’s what we expect.
13 min
iPod inventor on the secret to its success (The...
In the final part of our conversation with Tony Fadell, he talks about why the iPod succeeded.
12 min
The Pixel 6 is a monster. But are its AI smarts...
CNET phone reviewer Patrick Holland breaks down his impressions of the new flagship phone.
14 min
iPod inventor on the five-month sprint to build...
In the second-part of the interview, Tony Fadell, talks about the challenges and pressures he faced.  
18 min
iPod inventor shares what it was like pitching ...
The follow is the first of a three-part interview with Tony Fadell, who invented the iPod at Apple and found smart home device maker Nest Labs.
11 min
Microsoft’s Surface Duo is back for a second ro...
The phone with two displays that fold up like a book is back with a second iteration.
13 min
Google’s Pixel 6 comes with a custom chip to bo...
Here’s everything you need to know about the latest flagship phone from Google. 
14 min
Are Apple’s AirPods 3 worth the upgrade? (The D...
We break down what’s new about the upgraded base AirPods 3.
13 min
Apple answers our wish list with the new MacBoo...
The new Apple Silicon-powered laptops get a lot of features Mac fans have been asking for.
13 min
Apple's holding another event: Here's what we e...
Macs, Airpods and possible some other surprises.
13 min
Congressional fight over $1.2 trillion infrastr...
As Congress spars over President Joe Biden’s ambitious plans to overhaul everything from roads to electrical grids, the fate of further broadband deployment hangs in the balance.
10 min
How the centuries-old art of Scotch-making is e...
Whisky distilleries in Scotland are experimenting with new techniques to improve sustainability and widening their taste profiles.
14 min
Southwest canceled more than 2,000 flights this...
We break down the mass cancellation. 
11 min
Squid Game has dominated Netflix, and pop cultu...
The Korean deadly game series has become a worldwide phenomenon.
11 min
Facebook’s terrible, horrible, no good, very ba...
From an outage to damning testimony from a whistleblower, Facebook was on its heels over the last few days. 
15 min
Tips to remember during Cybersecurity Awareness...
Yeah, it’s made-up observance. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.
9 min
Google’s giving you more tools to fight the cli...
Updates to its Maps, Search and Shopping services are pushing consumers to make more sustainable choices. 
14 min
Facebook global outage shows how dependent we a...
It wasn’t just about status updates and cute pet photos on your news feed -- business and whole countries rely on it for communication.
8 min
Exploring the legacy of Steve Jobs (The Daily C...
As the 10-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death approaches, we look back on the impact he’s had on Silicon Valley -- for better or worse.
16 min
Instagram under fire again -- this time over th...
Instagram parent Facebook appeared before Congress to discuss whether the platforms are failing children.
14 min
Robocalls are everywhere. The FCC thinks it has...
If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that robocalls are terrible. Yet they continue to be a problem, thanks in part to a lot of scammers operating overseas. FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel thinks she has a solution. 
10 min
Amazon’s Astro costs $1,000. But is it somethin...
We break down Amazon’s surprise robot announcement and what you need to know. 
14 min
Amazon’s Astro home robot headlines popped smar...
Amazon showed off a new, larger Echo Show 15 and more Ring products.
14 min
Nintendo’s OLED Switch brings big changes, but ...
I talk to Dan Ackerman about his hands-on time with the new console from Nintendo. 
9 min
Shipping days may make holiday shopping a night...
Product shortages could be even worse than in previous years thanks to supply constraints and shipping problems. 
12 min
Apple juggles iPhone 13 launch with employee up...
It’s a weird time for Apple. 
11 min
Microsoft’s Surface event: Surface Pro 8, Surfa...
We break down everything Microsoft announced today. 
10 min
iPhone 13 and 13 Pro: Here’s the CNET official ...
We break down what we really think of Apple’s new flagship phones. 
19 min
Netflix wins big at the Emmys (The Daily Charge...
The streaming platform ruled the award show leaving everyone else in its dust.
14 min
Debunking the most common anti-vaccine myths (T...
We run through some of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to get a vaccine, and why they’re wrong.
16 min
Apple Watch Series 7 gets a huge facelift. What...
We break down all the changes in the new wearable and whether it’s worth the upgrade. 
12 min
So you want to buy an iPhone 13? Here are some ...
The carriers have rolled out aggressive offers to get you to upgrade. But they come with strings.
14 min
Apple unveils the iPhone 13: We break down the ...
From the camera to the battery, we drill down on what's new.
11 min
Apple and Epic’s legal battle is over, but who ...
This legal decision could change the mobile app industry forever.
13 min
TCL almost sold an affordable foldable phone. A...
The company sent us a working unit despite scrapping its plans to actually launch it.
14 min
Apple event: Beyond the iPhone, what else do we...
Apple Watch and maybe a M1-powered Mac? We break it all down.
13 min
Apple’s iPhone launch event is confirmed. What ...
Let’s go through what we think we’ll see during Apple’s big fall event.
16 min
Bitcoin is El Salvador’s legal currency. What d...
We break down what it means for a country to go all-in on the cryptocurrency. 
11 min
Superman & Lois is the comic-book show you shou...
Disney Plus’s Marvel shows get all the attention, but there’s a new incarnation of Superman that’s absolutely riveting.
17 min
Why Amazon public lockers end up in the oddest ...
We look at why they end up behind gas stations and even in public parks. 
8 min