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Twitter Can Curb Viral Misinformation by Taking...
Consistently implementing a series of measures could prevent false information from spreading quickly on the platform, researchers found.
12 min
Stranger Things Returns as Streaming Services C...
It’s almost too many shows to watch.
10 min
Streamers on Twitch, YouTube Are Debunking Cons...
Online debaters have been tackling misinformation on topics like the COVID-19 vaccine and election security by going head to head with conspiracy theorists.
12 min
Where the IPhone is Headed Next (The Daily Char...
Ahead of its 15th anniversary, let’s take a look at the breakthrough technologies powering the iPhone over the next few years and beyond.
12 min
Why Local Newspapers Matter So Much (The Daily ...
Local journalism affects so many. Here’s how to help support your neighborhood newspaper.
10 min
Here’s What’s Different About the M2 MacBook Pr...
We’ll also look at what hasn’t changed too.
8 min
How the Ukraine-Russia War Has Changed Climate ...
There’s renewed criticism of our dependence on fossil fuels, and the impact it’s having on everyone.
13 min
Meta Previews Its VR Future (The Daily Charge/ ...
The company has been working on several prototype VR headsets to make virtual worlds seem more realistic.
11 min
How Apple and Google Plan to Tighten the Grip o...
The updates to iOS 16 and Android 13 are focusing on deeper integrations in your everyday health and finances — making your phone even more of a Swiss Army knife.
10 min
Why Are Dating Reality Shows So Weird Now? (The...
Here’s what these increasingly strange reality shows say about our society.
11 min
A Look at Nintendo’s Greatest Hits And Gaming’s...
CNET Editor Scott Stein shares his thoughts on gaming after an interview with former Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime.
14 min
Dish Network Lights Up More 5G Cities, But Ther...
Dish narrowly met a FCC deadline for 5G coverage requirements, although it’s still unclear how broadly the service will be available.
13 min
ESports Is Using The Same Cognitive Tests As So...
Professional gamers are taking a page from other sports and analyzing health and cognitive behavior.
9 min
New Apps Give You an Advance On Your Paycheck, ...
They are, however, better than older payday loans that carried extremely high fees.
10 min
Qualcomm CEO on the Metaverse and the Future of...
Cristiano Amon says it’ll take five years before we get the kind of thin AR glasses anyone would want to wear.
7 min
Qualcomm CEO on What He Really Thinks of Apple ...
Cristiano Amon also speaks about his high hopes for its next-generation Nuvia processors.
14 min
Qualcomm CEO on Why Some Parts of Tech Are Infl...
Cristiano Amon speaks with CNET about inflation and a massive supply shortage in, well, everything.
10 min
Apple WWDC Stayed Silent On Augmented Reality G...
Where the heck are they?
14 min
Apple Shows Off M2-Powered MacBook Air, iOS 16 ...
It was a busy day for Apple at its annual developer conference.
14 min
Apple WWDC: Here’s Everything We Expect To See ...
Apple could talk about everything from software upgrades to the potential for AR glasses.
9 min
Stranger Things Will Be a Massive Hit. But For ...
Netflix quietly changed the way it tallies viewership in a way that benefits the latest season of the popular show.
11 min
Improving Your TV Audio Setup Without Breaking ...
Here’s an affordable way to amp up your TV experience.
11 min
Inflation is Costing You Hundreds. Here Are Som...
Here’s some helpful advice during some tough times.
12 min
Apple's AR Headset: Details May Have Emerged (T...
A new report explains that Apple has some lofty ambitions for its augmented reality headset.
12 min
Even credit card fraud is Extremely Online now ...
But tech to sniff out false charges is advancing too.
12 min
Qualcomm on Where the Metaverse is Headed (The ...
Hugo Swart, head of Qualcomm’s XR business, talks about his company’s role in the metaverse.
7 min
Qualcomm Cuts the Cord on New VR/AR Headset (Th...
Hugo Swart, head of Qualcomm’s XR business, talks about its new reference
10 min
Qualcomm on the State of the XR Market (The Dai...
Qualcomm VP Hugo Swart explains what the heck XR actually means.
12 min
FCC’s On a Mission To End Robocalls, Bolster Br...
It’s time to check in on the FCC.
11 min
We Can’t Forget the Accessibility Lessons Learn...
The pandemic moved the needle in terms of accessibility advances for the disability community. Advocates want to keep the momentum going.
11 min
Can Verizon and T-Mobile 5G Replace Your Home I...
CNET Editor Eli Blumenthal makes the switch to see if 5G is a viable alternative.
12 min
Why Nike Is Suing StockX Over NFTs (The Daily C...
The two companies are engaged in a legal battle over alleged trademark violations. It could have significant implications for NFTs going forward.
10 min
Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Is Everywhere On Soc...
The Hollywood trial continues to dominate the public’s attention.
7 min
It’s Time to Bid Adieu to the iPod (The Daily C...
Apple is discontinuing one of the most critical products in its history.
11 min
How Pixel Watch and Fitbit Will Co-Exist (The D...
Google will continue to support both the fitness tracker it acquired in 2019 and its own line of smartwatches.
10 min
Breaking Down the Biggest News From Google I/O ...
Google’s developer conference brought a flood of headlines. Here’s what matters.
12 min
Now it’s Intel’s Turn to Talk About Powerful AI...
Nvidia showed off its jumbo AI chip last week, and now Intel is following up with its own powerhouse processor.
14 min
What ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Means For the Future of...
We have a spoiler-filled discussion about the film. Avert your ears if you haven’t seen it yet.
16 min
Colonial Pipeline One Year Later: What’s Change...
We look at whether the risk of another big ransomware attack has risen or fallen since last year’s big attack drove a gas shortage panic.
11 min
Nvidia’s Beefy Hopper Chip Could Speed Up AI De...
It has the potential to accelerate a technology that’s revolutionizing everything from computing to self-driving cars.
11 min
Google’s Smartwatch Plans May Take Shape At I/O...
The company could tease the much-leaked Pixel Watch at the event.
10 min
How to Avoid the ‘Retail Therapy’ Trap (The Dai...
Shopping online gives you a hit of dopamine. Here’s how to know when it’s going too far.
8 min
Buying a home? Here are some pitfalls to avoid ...
Housing prices are crazier than ever, but it is possible to become a homeowner. You just need to be smart about it.
9 min
How the iPhone 13 Pro Max Can Learn From the IP...
Apple isn’t taking advantage of that extra screen real estate.
11 min
Snapchat is Making a Selfie Drone. Why? (The Da...
It’s the latest branch out into hardware for the social networking company.
10 min
We Live In the Era of Extreme Wealth With Elon ...
What does it mean to be successful when being rich has completely been redefined.
12 min
Elon Musk is Snapping Twitter Up for $44 Billio...
How will that change Twitter?
15 min
Getting Rich is a Lot More Complicated in 2022 ...
From rising inflation to a war in Ukraine, things are a lot wilder and conventional wisdom on building wealth may no longer apply.
12 min
Amazon’s Astro is a robot guard dog and so much...
Let’s break down everything it can do.
14 min
Scam Texts Are on the Rise. Here's What to Look...
Cybercriminals are using texts more to try to steal your personal information. And it's not always easy to tell.
5 min
Netflix suffers first subscriber drop in a deca...
Netflix’s growth was already volatile after enjoying an early pandemic bump.
10 min
Pakistan Journalists Find Audience on YouTube D...
As more Pakistanis go online, they’re getting more of their news on their phones than their TVs.
13 min
Elon Musk's Twitter Bid Has Users, Shareholders...
The Tesla chief wants to buy the social media giant, but there are mixed feelings about what that could mean for the company.
12 min
How 5G Can Change How We Respond to Disasters (...
Maggie Hallbach, who runs public policy for Verizon, breaks down the role 5G plays in dealing with emergencies.
10 min
From THOR to Backup Generators: How Verizon Dea...
Maggie Hallbach, who runs public policy for Verizon, talks about the process of scrambling rapid response teams when things go bad.
15 min
Verizon Frontline is a Dedicated Wireless Servi...
Maggie Hallbach, who runs public policy for Verizon, breaks down how the carrier serves first responders.
8 min
This VR Experience is the Closest Thing to Bein...
The Infinite is a bold VR project and the largest production shot in space.
17 min
How the Pandemic Strained Our Heart (The Daily ...
We’re still trying to figure out the impact that COVID-19 and other stresses had on heart disease.
8 min
What Estonia’s Digital Transformation Teaches (...
By moving nearly every facet of the government digitally, the country has cut down on a lot of red tape for its citizens.
16 min
How Will We Behave in the Metaverse? (The Daily...
If the metaverse is going to be a thing, we need agreement on how to treat each other.
14 min
These Grad Students Are Shining a Light on Misi...
When digging into conspiracy theories is part of your curriculum.
13 min
How social media opens the door to digital acti...
Social media can be a useful gateway for those looking to take action on various causes.
12 min
Why you should care about your digital footprin...
Your digital identity is essentially your entire identity. Here’s why it matters.
12 min
Is T-Mobile’s brash Un-carrier image dead? (The...
Two years under CEO Mike Sievert, and T-Mobile is a more conventional carrier.
15 min
Dyson Made a Crazy Headphone With An Air Purifi...
Mostly known for high-end fans and vacuums, Dyson’s offering crams two products together.
10 min
What It’s Like Using Smart Contact Lenses (The ...
Mojo Visions’ latest prototype lens gets us closer to AR images beamed straight to our eyeballs.
13 min
Playstation Plus is Sony’s Answer to Xbox Game ...
Sony launches its own online service with access to a big library of games.
10 min
Apple scores Oscar win and the slap heard aroun...
Apple beat Netflix to the most coveted film award, yet Will Smith manages to overshadow all of that.
13 min
With So Many Players, the Metaverse Could Get M...
Meta, formerly Facebook, has its vision for the metaverse, but other companies have their own ideas. That could make for a fragmented experience.
6 min
Google loosens its grip on the Play Store (The ...
Spotify will be one of the first apps allowed to use an alternative payment system in Google’s app store.
18 min
Roku's New Features (The Daily Charge 3/23/2022)
With an upcoming update to Roku OS, you'll be able to customize your screensaver, share photos and get recommendations on what to watch. Is that enough, considering all the competition?
11 min
Video games are the key to where the metaverse ...
From Fortnite to 3D Charades, CNET Editor Ian Sherr talks about gaming’s contribution to the metaverse.
15 min
Figuring out what the metaverse really is (The ...
CNET Editor Scott Stein gives us an update on the state of the metaverse.
16 min
Who is Apple’s Mac Studio and Studio Display fo...
CNET Editor Dan Ackerman puts Apple’s latest hardware through their paces and breaks it down for us.
14 min
Ukraine Deputy Minister on Fighting Misinformat...
Alex Bornyakov, the nation’s deputy minister of digital transformation, talks about the life line that is your phone and the desperate battle to keep service going.
5 min
Ukraine Deputy Minister on the IT Army That’s T...
Alex Bornyakov, the nation’s deputy minister of digital transformation, talks NFTs and a roster of volunteer IT professionals who are helping the nation’s resistance.
5 min
Ukraine Deputy Minister on How Cryptocurrency i...
Alex Bornyakov, Ukraine’s deputy minister of digital transformation, talks about how his job has radically changed since the invasion began.
16 min
Apple’s iPhone SE is an affordable onramp to 5G...
CNET Editor Patrick Holland spent the last few days with the new SE and shares his thoughts.
17 min
How tech is playing a role in Ukraine’s fight a...
Natalie Jaresko, former finance minister of Ukraine, talks about what the tech industry and you can do to support the embattled country.
13 min
What additional sanctions we should be levying ...
Natalie Jaresko, former finance minister of Ukraine, talks about what else needs to be done in the second part of our interview.
8 min
What the true monetary cost of Russia’s invasio...
Natalie Jaresko, the former finance minister of Ukraine, says the country will ultimately prevail.
12 min
Apple shows off Mac Studio, M1 Ultra iPhone SE ...
The company brought out a new computer line while offering some refreshes to longstanding products.
17 min
Why a new iPhone SE could be a big deal (The Da...
With costs rising, a budget iPhone with 5G may be what consumers are looking for.
12 min
Beware of Ukraine charity scams (The Daily Char...
Scammers are out there looking to exploit your goodwill.
7 min
Nintendo Switch turns 5. Here’s how it became a...
We wish the console a happy birthday as we break down its path to success.
13 min
Russia’s war with Ukraine could create a splint...
Further isolating Russia may spark a move towards an even more fragmented internet.
13 min
Misinformation runs rampant amid Russia’s invas...
What are the social media companies doing about it?
13 min
Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is like living i...
But is it worth paying that jaw-dropping price?
17 min
Elden Ring amazes critics, gamers to be the big...
This year of gaming is already to a big start.
7 min
Meta is building smarter AI assistants as it pu...
Dubbed Project CAIRaoke, the new effort could help Facebook's parent company build better assistants for virtual and augmented reality.
9 min
Sony Unveils PlayStation VR 2 Headset (The Dail...
CNET's Scott Stein joins us to talk about Sony's latest iteration of its virtual reality technology for the PlayStation 5.
10 min
Spotify’s Car Thing is out. But who actually wa...
We break down Spotify’s accessory for cars who don’t have CarPlay or Android Auto.
15 min
AirTags opened a can of worms that Apple alone ...
Apple’s trackers brought to light a privacy problem that the whole industry needs to address together.
9 min
Is Sunday Ticket the next crown jewel for strea...
DirecTV heads into its final year of its Sunday Ticket contract with the NFL next season. Other suitors are lining up.
11 min
Teachers are burning out. Is the Great Resignat...
We talk about the pressures facing teachers, and what some are doing to find a solution.
12 min
Paramount Plus isn’t just the Star Trek TV serv...
The service unveiled a larger slate of programming – and offered some clarity on how big it actually is.
14 min
Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is really just the n...
The Note isn’t really dead – it just underwent a little rebranding.
8 min
What does Valentine’s Day and being single look...
Here’s a game plan on what to do if you’re single on Feb 14.
8 min
On Valentine’s Day, you may be looking for love...
Scams looking to take advantage of those looking for that special one see a big spike around this time of year.
8 min
The Mandalorian, Boba Fett and the future of St...
With the uneven Book of Boba Fett done, we discuss what’s next for Star Wars on Disney Plus.
16 min