2 Pages with MBS

Discover the best bits of the best books read by people you admire. Michael Bungay Stanier hosts the podcast where brilliant people read the best two pages of a favourite book. Listen as authors, leaders, activists, academics, celebrities, and entrepreneurs dig in with MBS to explore the insights and ideas within. Whether it’s books that inspire leadership, change, self-development and growth, power, strategy, ambition, productivity, or creativity and innovation - this is hand-curated wisdom from people who know. These are the books that change minds, shape lives, and inspire great work and worthy goals.

187. The Hardest & Best Creative Question: Aust...
Austin Kleon reading from Lynda Barry’s “What It Is,” and discussing the unique perspective of where words and images intersect.
77 min
186. New Year, New News, New Cow: MBS [reads] P...
With the new year, we’re doing something new with 2 Pages with MBS.
9 min
185. The Power of Dreams and Authentic Leadersh...
Modupe Akinola reading Genesis, Chapter 37, of the Bible, and discussing the importance of bringing your full self to work, embracing vulnerability, and building authentic relationships.
44 min
184. Better Life Vault: Who do you serve?: Dave...
Dave Stachowiak reading from Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and discussing being a student, rather than a teacher.
49 min
183. Better Life Vault: How to be *Really* Happ...
Stephanie Harrison reading from Śāntideva’s The Way of the Bodhisattva and discussing the pursuit of happiness.
43 min
182. Better Life Vault: Getting Better at Falli...
Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe reading from Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, and discussing everyday resiliency.
39 min
181. How to be An (Effective) Hedonist: Charlie...
Charlie Bresler reading from Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save, and discussing how saving the lives of others can actually save your own.
46 min
180. Realizing Your Potential: Jonathan Brill [...
Jonathan Brill reading from Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium Is the Massage, and discussing inventing your future by increasing both your optionality and your potential.
43 min
179. Influence + Failure = Originality: Geoff D...
Geoff Dyer reading from Raymond Williams’ The Country and the City, and discussing how to find your own distinct voice.
44 min
178. Imagine Winning: Rob Hopkins [reads] ‘We D...
Rob Hopkins reading from Mariame Kaba’s, We Do This ‘Til We Free Us, and discussing how to be an activist.
44 min
177. How to be a Bigger Person: Tiziana Casciar...
Tiziana Casciaro reading from Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s The Heart is Noble, and discussing a more interdependent reality.
57 min
176. What Beckons to You? Olatunde Sobomehin [r...
Olatunde Sobomehin reading from Andy Crouch’s The Life We’re Looking For, and discussing personhood, vulnerability, and community.
40 min
175. Strength in Fragile Times: Susan Collett [...
Susan Collett reading from Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit and discussing the variety of a creative life.
40 min
174. The Art of Disruption: Stefan Bucher, auth...
Stefan Bucher reading from Douglas Adams’ The Salmon of Doubt, and discussing how beautiful it is to be an outsider.
42 min
173. What Reconciliation Means: Bob Joseph, aut...
Bob Joseph reading from Roy Osing’s BE DiFFERENT or be dead, and sharing his long-term view of working towards reconciliation between people everywhere.
54 min
172. How to Notice Magic: Miranda Keeling [read...
Miranda Keeling reading from Charlotte Zolotow’s Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present,’ and discussing the art of slowing down as a writer and elevating the ordinary.
42 min
171. How to Rewild the Future: Tom Fletcher, au...
Tom Fletcher reading from Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Ministry for the Future, and discussing diplomacy and essential skills for the future.
41 min
170. How to be a Light in the Darkness: Sarah L...
Sarah Lewis reading from James Baldwin’s The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity, and discussing things that last; traditions, teachings, and creations.
46 min
169. How to Keep Going When It's Hard: Tony Stu...
Tony Stubblebine reading from John L. Parker, Jr.'s Once A Runner, and discussing strategies to motivate yourself to win without making excuses.
56 min
168. Hearing the Whisper of Your Emotions: Hila...
Reading from Diana Fosha’s The Transforming Power of Affect: A Model for Accelerated Change, and discussing strategies to better navigate the emotional tides of change.
45 min
167. How to Both 'Be' and 'Do': Suneel Gupta, A...
Suneel Gupta reading from Rodolfo Scarfalloto’s The Alchemy of Opposites, and discussing why failure is a necessary step to success.
32 min
166. From the Vault: The Art of a Tender Conver...
Kathryn Mannix reading from Oliver Sacks’ Gratitude, and discussing the satisfaction of helping others.
48 min
165. From the Vault: What’s at the heart of bei...
Brian Christian reading from Godel, Escher, Bach, and discussing the power and future of AI.
49 min
164. From the Vault: The Doorway to Shared Mean...
Haesun Moon reading from David Bohm’s On Dialogue, and discussing the importance of open communication.
43 min
163. From the Vault: How to be Alive: Madeleine...
Madeleine Dore reading from Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, and discussing unlearning the ‘rules’ of life.
35 min