2 Girls 3 Cats

If you can't get enough of cats, congratulations you’ve found your people! Join hosts Jenna Benson and Samantha Clarke for some good ol’ cat chat… with a few exciting guests along the way.

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Pets & Animals
Cat people vs. dog people 🐱🐢
Are you a cat person or a dog person... or both?
8 min
A very special BIRTHDAY episode πŸ₯³
It's Sam's birthday and Jenna's got a few special surprises up her sleeve!
9 min
We got sent a cat advent calendar! πŸŽ„
BONUS EPISODE: We got sent personalised Fancy Feast Feastivities Advent Calendars so we thought we'd do a little unboxing!
3 min
Play this sound to your cat! πŸ”Š
We dare you to play this episode with your cat/s beside you! Let us know how they react.
14 min
One of us is ALLERGIC to cats πŸ˜–
Yes, you read that right - one of us is actually ALLERGIC to cats!
13 min
Do you have a 'chicken cat' or a 'fish cat'? 🎣
We've got a theory and we want to know what you think of it!
11 min
Every cat owner has "battle scars" 🐾
It's time for "battle scars" - the cat edition!
10 min
Falling for your cat's "Venus flytrap" πŸ™€
Whenever your cat turns onto its back, you can't help but touch that delightful sprout of fluff on their tummy or as we like to call it, their "Venus flytrap".
11 min
Do you have any cat tattoos? 🐱
In this episode, Jenna & Sam delve into cat tattoos and the FACT that kitten heels are UGLY.
7 min
Why are black cats considered unlucky? πŸˆβ€β¬›
Black cats are synonymous with halloween, so what better day to release our podcast than October 31st!
11 min