1999: The Podcast

Was 1999 the best year in movie history? We think it might be! John Brooks and Joey Lewandowski will work their way through all the year has to offer, one movie at a time, and we’ll ask special guests to share their memories of this amazing year and the movies that made it unforgettable. Unfortunately, nobody can be told what 1999: The Podcast is… you have to hear it for yourself!

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Being John Malkovich: "Malkovich" with Brian Si...
Brian Silliman, of Return of the Pod, returns to OUR pod (get it?) to talk "Being John Malkovich".
102 min
American Pie: "Band Camp" with Tessa and Nicole...
The hosts of the Doom Generation podcast join John and Joey to talk about American Pie and everything that happened that one time at band camp.
105 min
10 Things I Hate About You: "Sonnet" with Kelly...
Dr. Kelly J. Baker joins to discuss what has become one of the most beloved teen movies ever made, 10 Things I Hate About You.
85 min
Spybreak! - Round One Recap
Joey and John share their thoughts on the first nine movies and recap what we learned in round one.
26 min
Magnolia: "Save Me" with Tyler Huckabee
Relevant Magazine's Tyler Huckabee joins John and Joey to talk about Magnolia in the round one finale.
86 min
Boys Don't Cry: "Brandon" with Logan Ashley Kisner
Logan Ashley Kisner, who writes about trans horror, joins John and Joey to discuss "Boys Don't Cry" and trans representation in film.
69 min
Fight Club: "Soap" with Amanda Moore
Amanda Moore joins John and Joey to talk about fascism, toxic masculinity, and Fight Club.
77 min
American Beauty: "Roses" with Aislinn and Tobin...
John and Joey welcome the Addington siblings to talk about the very large gap between their then-and-now takes on "American Beauty".
88 min
The Sixth Sense: "Dead People" with Books in th...
John and Joey welcome Books in the Freezer host Stephanie Gagnon to discuss how well "The Sixth Sense" holds up (even knowing the ending)
75 min
Eyes Wide Shut: "Fidelio" with New York Magazin...
John and Joey welcome New York Magazine feature writer Lila Shapiro to discuss her favorite movie of 1999, Eyes Wide Shut.
68 min
The Blair Witch Project: "The Woods" with Ameri...
Blair Witch superfan and host of American Hysteria Chelsey Weber-Smith joins us to talk about what made The Blair Witch Project a great movie then and why we should still love it today.
79 min
The Phantom Menace: "Wizard" with Brian Sillima...
The hosts of Star Wars podcast Return of the Pod join us to talk about the 23-year legacy of Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace.
108 min
The Matrix: "Whoa" with Chris Kluwe
Former Minnesota Vikings punter and current science fiction author ("Otaku") Chris Kluwe joins us to discuss our first movie from our Essentials series - The Matrix.
56 min
Best. Movie. Year. Ever? - with Brian Raftery
Journalist and author Brian Raftery joins us to talk about his book on the movies of 1999, "Best. Movie. Year. Ever."
53 min
Introducing 1999: The Podcast
0 min